Saturday, 11 February 2012

Numero 11

Okay, I'll admit right away that this drawing was done a few months ago. Not that I didn't make a face today! I did, but it's not dry yet and I want to put some text on it. But first of all I want to go to SLEEP! And I don't want to go to sleep without putting a face on my blog. Am I addicted or what!?

So, although she's not really done in February, she made her first appearance on my blog in February and that's okay too. For me at least. And now I'm off to bed. AGAIN! Really have to stop writing these midnight posts on my blog ...

graphite, coloured pencil, titan buff
Didn't colour the background, because with some of these faces, I make the background in Photoshop, paste the drawing on top of it  and then  make postcards or calenders out of them. Lots of fun!

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  1. Beautiful work! Your portraits are so well done. You are doing great getting #11 done already. I haven't done 11 yet... hopefully sometime today! ;)


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