Friday, 17 February 2012

Day 17: Alien love

Thanks so much to everyone who bothers to come and take a look at my blog. I appreciate all of you coming here and commenting on the pieces I make. And I've discovered so many great new artists out there, I could just spend forever glued to my computerscreen. Alas, not enough time for that, I also "have to" paint ;-)

As I was saying in one of my previous posts, I had fun with painting some new backgrounds. As I was looking at one I finished, I thought that the purple in the bottom left corner would look great to use as hair. Here's the original background:

So I turned it around, and that's when I saw her. Or him. Or it. Whatever you want to call it. Do you see it?

And once you've seen something, you cannot "unsee" it, right? So I knew I just had to bring her/him/it out. And while I was doing that, I discovered another figure close to her/him/it. So all of a sudden I had two figures without planning it. I love it when that happens. Also because I sometimes want to paint "weird" persons, but I have a hard time letting go of "normal" features. This way, you just follow what you see, and the end result is always different to what you would've been able to come up with yourself.

So here they are: 2 faces for day 17! Did you find them in the background?

I call these my gut-paintings. I made a few paintings like that in the past, and I really should start doing it again, it's so much fun. Basically, you start with a background with different colors, just splash some paint on it with different techniques, then you try to "find" figures and forms in there and you pull them out by painting over them. Here are 2 examples of former gut-paintings of mine:

the very first one I ever did, in my journal

The first one on canvas. This is easily the painting I've had most fun creating.

Have a great weekend all of you!


  1. Wow, these are so great! The mysterious twins in that first one have such a cool style to them. I have made little animals out of splotches but nothing with as much follow through as this!

  2. soooo coool! I luv your "gut-paintings" with the droppi hair ♥

  3. These are great, Denthe! I love the way you see color, and I like that you call them "gut" paintings.

  4. WoW.... I love your day 17, just amazing.


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