Friday, 31 August 2012

Painted boxes

Well, this week certainly has gone by in a flash! And you know what? I was in a shop today and I couldn't believe my eyes ....: they were selling Christmas-trees already! Can you believe it!? Christmas-trees!!??? In August!? My goodness! I'm not at ALL ready for that yet!  It makes my feeling of time flying even worse.

This week has all been about preparation for next week's market. I've mostly been painting boxes, but I managed to squeeze in some time to work on my painting. Not much, but still, I made some changes.

This is what I had last week:
Most of you suggested to not paint any faces, and that's what I'd been thinking too. So I didn't.
I didn't feel like painting anything else on there either, at least not anything that lives, like other humans or animals. But just leave it like that, mmm, I don't know. On the right side there are 3 forms that could be fish, but they looked as if they were going to bite her bottom, so I needed to get rid of them. And they gave me the inspiration to draw ovals there, so that it might look like water or something ...

Hmm, have to work on that though .... The girl on the right had a half circle around her head, so I tried out some circles and I liked that. And added some more....

Circles seem to be a recurring feature of these intuitive paintings. I love how you can let the background shine through them. It's a great way to save portions of the painting that you like and that you don't want to paint over.

Strange, but the picture I took last week looks much brighter in colour. Even though I didn't change much in the background. Must be the light that the pictures were taken in. Today was a pretty dark day here.

Well, it's not finished, obviously, and in the end I started dripping paint again to change some areas that I didn't like. I hope I'll have a bit more time next week.

These are some of the wooden boxes I painted this week. Not completely finished, they still need to get the locks back on and the inside painted, but most of it is done.

So much fun to make these!

And you know what? Ayala Art is hosting a new "29 faces challenge"! Starting in September. Oh yes, that's tomorrow (!) And although I have enough on my plate right now, I still want to participate. I've participated in the first 2 challenges, and met a lot of great people and got a lot of inspiration. So even though IdonthavetimeIwanttodoitagain!

So I made a deal with myself: I'm going to make one-lined-girls. They're very quick to make, I should be able to do one a day, and I have some ideas about what I want to do with them afterwards. If you feel like participating, head over to Ayala's blog and add your link. But beware: it's addictive!

Thanks for visiting and wishing you all a wonderful warm and inspiring weekend!


  1. Your painting is looking more and more wonderful Denthe... love the ovals and circles... amazing how just little things add so much... and your painted boxes are lovely... good on you for participating again in 29 Faces... I don't know that I can do it again.... she says with a question

    Jenny x

  2. The addition of the circles is pretty amazing... I thought they were quite complete but they look even better now...xx

  3. Beautiful! It's fun to see something three dimensional.
    Happy PPF,

  4. Wonderful boxes, some of the look like Australian aboriginal art, but in funky colours great and fun! Happy PPF

  5. Those boxes are really nice. Nice painting.

  6. Love the Aboroginal style ones!

  7. WIP looks good and your boxes are so original and fun! Happy PPF!

  8. Love watching how your painting develops, such a fab adventure. Terrific boxes. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  9. Love the movement and colors of this piece. :) And the boxes look phenomenal!

  10. Wonderful work. Not much for faceless people, I LOVE YOURS!!! Very beautiful work and great boxes!!! So much talent here!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Denthe this is such a great work and I admire this so much. it's really what I want to do (if I can). Your work touches me very. Such a wonderful details and such a wonderful colors. The figures are fantastic. All is in move and everything is a whole.
    Lovely greet and nice weekend

  12. Painting and boxes are fantastic ~ wonderful colors and composition ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Your painting is wonderful- I love how it's guiding you to tell you what it wants to be- perfect example of following your muse!
    I hope your boxes do well at the market, they certainly are beautiful!
    Happy PPF,

  14. Your boxes have turned out so beautifully! I'm in the same boat for the Sept. face challenge- I really want to join too.

  15. I love your art so much! this one is going to be my favourite. and the boxes ahhh! i want one! happy ppf and have a great weekend

  16. these are cool! some of those figure silhouettes remind me of Keith Haring work.

  17. I love the positions of the bodies and the way the background floats around them and they it.
    the boxes are quite delightful....would make lovely gifts.
    HPPF and have fun with the faces too.

  18. It makes me mad when they start with the trees so early... take the fuin of all the other holidays, and Christmas :o(
    Your painting is fabulous I love all the drips and shapes

  19. I love your work in progress, and the addition of the circles at the bottom. Looks very mystical looking. And I LOVE your boxes. LOVE. Love the tribal indigenous looking dots. I just went and saw where you lived and very appropriate!!

    I am also pointedly ignoring talk of Christmas trees in AUGUST! :)

  20. Love the progress on your painting!
    Your boxes are ah-mazing, too! Wow!!
    Best wishes on your market sales! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  21. Love the changes to the painting, the feeling of lightness is even more evident than before.

  22. I love seeing the progression in your painting. And the boxes are amazing. Thanks for sharing the 29 faces link. I'm going to check that out.

  23. Wowness..such gorgeous energies flowing from your work..truly beautiful..the colors are fabulous and full of life!! Shine on!

  24. love this painting very very much!


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