Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Artists that inspire me: Mandy Tsung

Mandy Tsung is a Canadian artist who paints beautiful girls and women, so naturally her art caught my eye straight away.

 I must admit it was very very difficult for me to choose which work I would put on my blog ...

It is all so beautiful and I have so many favorites

that I want to share them all with you ...

In some ways her work reminds me a bit of Audrey Kawasaki

but she definitely has her own style

isn't this gorgeous ...!?

Her faces are so beautiful

strong and at the same time vulnerable, with mesmerizing eyes

And those colours .... lovelovelove all the drippy goodness

There's lots more eye-candy like this on her website and on her Facebookpage. Check it out, you won't regret it!

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far! I've been busy making things for my market and stressing out. Really don't know why. If I can't finish everything, I just take the things that ARE finished. What's to stress about that? But still I do. I've tried the whole day getting a new website up and running, so I can refer people to it, but I seem to get stuck on every little step.

Is it just me? Other people seem to have no trouble writing a flashy artist statement or a welcome word to their site, they throw in a shopping cart and a newsletter and are great in figuring out the shipping costs. They have wonderful pictures of themselves making art, and all seem to have set up their Etsy-shops and Zazzle- and Redbubble-accounts. They know how to put selfmade buttons on their site to link to Facebook and others. I get paralyzed just thinking about everything I have to do before I can make a website. I got as far as printing out the beginnersguide of Weebly (yes, I decided to go with Weebly, if I go with Wordpress it might take another year before I figure that out...). And I wrote half an artist statement. That I'm not even happy about..... Aaaarrghhh!

So I thought this next image, that I found somewhere on Facebook, might be exactly what I need to finish this day with a good feeling ...

Thanks for visiting! See you on Friday for the Paint Party!


  1. Mandy's work is amazing Denthe... I just love her faces... especially the one in the sixth pic... such expression.... hope the market is fabulous for you... and good on you for moving forward with your new adventure and all it entails... and yes... totally love those words too...

    Jenny x

  2. J'ai parlé de vous dans mon dernier post ici :
    Merci de m'inspirer

  3. I don't know, thanks for sharing the beautiful paintings.
    Hugs Anja

  4. Truly amazing, the dripping curls one is absolutely my favorite.


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