Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Artists that inspire me: Erika Husselmann, alias ARIKE

I discovered this New Zealand artist a few years ago, and fell in love with her work right away.

One of her typical styles is long stretched figures of women, usually somewhere in a dream landscape with birds or flowers.

 She usually works in oil, but also uses acrylics and mixed media.

I love the dreamlike atmosphere of her work

She has a blog and a Facebook-page too. Go check it out for lots more eye-candy!

It's funny how I always seem to be drawn to those artists that paint mostly women. Maybe it's because that's what I like to paint myself. Sometimes a man sneaks into one of my paintings, but mostly it's just women, birds and fish. I guess it's because women have those graceful, elegant, curvy lines that add a kind of movement and vulnerability to the work.

How about you? What attracts you in a painting? Do you always tend to paint the same kind of subject? I would be interested to know!

I'm off to see the rest of the PPF-list artists, before it's Friday again and I have to start a whole new list ...

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  1. beautiful creations. What a talented artist.

  2. Loving this wonderful artist Denthe... her artwork is amazing... and I just LOVE the long bodies... yes... women attract me in paintings too... and houses... and yes at the moment... I do tend to always paint girls... but then I have only been painting for less than a year... so maybe that will change... as my style develops... your artist features are fabulous...

    Jenny x

  3. Beautiful creations. Geweldig Denthe wat een apart en bijzonder werk maakt Erika. Spreekt me zeer aan. Ik vind die lange figuren prachtig.
    groetjes marja

  4. If you are Belgian you speaks Flamish? I'me also Belgian... The art is beautiful!! I like it to.

    Grtjes Patrice

    1. Hi Patrice, yes I speak Flemish. Je mag gerust je opmerkingen in het Nederlands schrijven hoor,no problem!


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