Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Artists that inspire me: Hugo Urlacher

Today's inspiring artist is from Argentina. Hugo Urlacher was born in 1958 in Buenos Aires and still lives there. I discovered his beautiful work last year.

Almost all information about him on the internet is in Spanish ...

A language which I do not speak .... (I tried once though, but the only thing I remember is "no hablo Espagnol" which means as much as "I don't speak Spanish" ...)

I LOVE the strong colours that he uses

and the softness and melancholy of his characters

Can you believe he is self-taught!?

I don't know what medium he uses. In close-ups of his paintings you can see that the layers are very thick.

I LOVE this one!

But this one is my absolute favorite. So so beautiful ... Look at their hair!

He also makes really realistic portraits, and sacro-art, but these are all examples of his personal art, which I prefer. Check out his website for more or have a look at his Facebook-page. 

Thanks so much for visiting, and for commenting on my previous post! It seems I really SHOULD get a commission from Moo, ha! Have to check out their site for an affiliate-link. Guess I'm not really enough of a businessperson yet ... I'm working on it though ;-)

See you again on Friday for the PAINT PARTY !


  1. Wow Denthe... amazing work... love the boldness and rich colors too... my fave is the second last one... mother and daughter perhaps... stunning... thank you for sharing...

    Jenny x

  2. Beautiful paintings and really it's your style. I can understand that you love these creations.
    Lovely greet'

  3. Thanks for the introduction and link to Urlacher's work! I live in South America - but not near Argentina - and the colors Hugo uses are what I see most of here in the local artist's work.

  4. From what it says on his home page, all painting are oils on fabric canvas. If you ever need to translate anything in Spanish just send me a message with the text. :)

    1. thanks Paula! I'll remember it for next time! If you ever need help with Dutch: just give me a yell ;-)

  5. When your link came up on my side bar I thought it was your art!! I see the inspiration in your work... Love the colors too, the male angel, and mother and daughter are my favorites...just love pensive and peaceful!! Good job and thanks so much for sharing...

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Very interesting. I never would have discovered this work on my own so thanks for sharing.

  7. His work is pretty awesome! Thanks for introducing him. :)

  8. you chose well with Hugo - thanks for sharing his work, its spectacular


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