Friday, 3 August 2012

Not quite finished, but getting there ...

I concentrated on one of my Flora-paintings this week. I reserved Tuesday and Thursday for painting, but didn't get as much done as I thought I would. But I think next week it'll be finished.

I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday. Have to get the button to put in the sidebar since I want to do this weekly ;-)

Here's where I am now:

And this is how it all started:

There were a few layers on there already before I took the first picture ....

warm colors on top

adding contrast with black and white

making more marks

drawing and making marks

starting to make order out of chaos

At first I could only see birds and fish, and then I saw a head. But for some reason I didn't feel like going with that. So I tried drawing something else on there, but kept coming back to the head. She just wanted to be on there, so here she is ...

some more dripping ...

some more dots ...

lighten it up again

looking too clean for my taste, so dripped some more ...

Oh, this painting style is just soooo much fun. Before this workshop with Flora I used to sketch something and then paint it, and I often changed things along the way, but overall I knew how the painting was going to look in the end. Here I just start playing with colors, dripping, spraying, twirling, stamping, making marks, and I have absolutely no idea what's gonna come out of it. It is totally freeing. And it makes me yearn to paint, because I'm curious about what I'm going to find.

And I have big news! I finished my Facebook page! Well, for me it's big news anyway, since I'm not very technical and I had a really hard time figuring out how to do it. I started in June already and then left it alone for more than a month before I could muster up the courage to look at it again. I even have a Facebook button in my sidebar. If you click on it, it should bring you straight to my page and you can "like" it if you want. If I get more than 30 likes on my page, I get a view into the statistics, which should be interesting. At least, that's what the people in my businesscourses keep telling me. I will first have to figure out how to interpret it though ... ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! And have a GREAT and wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh Denthe... this is GORGEOUS... love the progress shots and the end result... what a magical way to paint...

    Jenny x

  2. This is fantastic!!! NOw I"m off to see your FaceBook page :0)

  3. Beautiful. I'm really excited about doing Flora's e-course myself in September. And I just went to your website to look at your other art - wonderful!

  4. So beautiful so far!!
    Love seeing the process!!

    Congratulations on your Facebook to "like" it now! :)

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. This is amazing I love it!! This process is so surprising too, isn't it!! It's like digital editing, you never know how it will come out!! Great colors!!

    Very nice and thanks for showing your process!! Congrats on your facebook page!! I will have a boo at it!!

    Hugs Giggles...

  6. wow! This is gorgeous! It's so interesting seeing how you progressed with this piece and how it has turned out so far - I think it's amazing!

  7. Another wow from me, the process is amazing and love how its turned out. Fabulous work. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. Love it, a really spontaneous way to paint, you have inspired me

  9. I'm going to take Flora's e-class starting in Sept. I'm really looking forward to it. This work is a beauty. You got my "like" on FB. Happy PPF

  10. Yay, your Facebook is finally here! :)

  11. congrats on the facebook page and will be fun to see what else you create from this workshop...xx

  12. I throughally enjoyed observing your proscess from start to finished painting here. I love how it's so intuitive and you must get so much "in the zone" time.
    Beautiful outcome!!!

  13. what an amazing transformation from the first phase to the end! thanks for taking the time to document each step of the way - this is too cool!

  14. This is so COOL! I love the process--I've been doing more playing like this in my watercolors, and it is so fun--I love seeing what appears!

  15. Hey, I'm number 30 on the Facebook page. Yay me. :)

    Love your painting and love the work in progress photos. So beautiful.

  16. This is wonderful, i love the stages, looking to see what little bits you decided to change, i would love to take a class from Flora as well, i lurk round her blog at times!

  17. Wonderful, drippy, colorful goodness, Denthe! I always find it interesting when things "refuse" to go away like your head. It seems they take on a life of their own and demand to be completed. I like when that happens :o) xoxox

  18. Beautiful. It's fun to see how your painting developed. I took Flora's first e-course. Loved it and was inspired!

  19. this work is so great. Love it. I try to work also from the lessons of Flora. But this work is really gorgeous. my compliments. Nice colors and the birds in it, brilliant.
    Lovely greet

  20. Love the composition in your Flora piece, wasn't her process wonderful. I loved that class. The colours you used are glorious, I love the progression shots.

  21. This is stunning! I love seeing how a painting develops, especially when it has taken so many twists and turns along the way!

  22. LOVE it and love the progressional pics! great job & colors!


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