Thursday, 12 January 2012

Still experimenting

No pictures yet of the Traci Bautista workshop trial. I have added the oilpastels and the Chinese ink, discovered that I used too much oilpastels and can't draw over it with ink. And at the same time realised I am going to ruin my markers if I happen to go over any oilpastels (which I used all over the page and can't remember where). So now I either have to start all over or find an alternative to the markers.

Maybe tonight inspiration will strike ....

But I did try to doodle something Traci-like in the background of a drawing I made in my sketchbook. Doesn't look like much, as I said I'm not very good in doodling, but I'll post it anyway.

graphite, coloured pencils, acrylics and markers

lyrics from "Phantom of the Opera" (I think...), markers and pan pastels. The pattern in her dress is a zentangle, that I thought fitted well with the sad expression on her face.

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