Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I just want to paint and draw and play ...

but time is catching up on me. Managed to do one lyrics-girl today, and that's it. Lost way too much time on the internet reading other people's blogs. There are so many creative people out there, I keep adding to my list of "blogs-to-read-whenever-I-have-a-spare-minute". And every now and then I find a real treasure that I just need to look through right away, and before I know it 2 hours have passed and it's time for bed.

I need to change this. Maybe choose one day a week that I don't go online at all, not even to check my mail. Hmm, don't know whether I'm capable of doing that. Might be better to choose one day in the week that I can surf on the internet as much as I want, while on the other days limit my time on the computer to the necessary things like mail and administration etc...

Yeah, I might give this a try. In the meantime, here's today's lyrics-girl:

lyrics from Macy Gray, markers and pan pastels

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