Saturday, 7 January 2012

Here we go

Since the new year has started I have been drawing daily. I discovered again how much fun it is. Here are some drawings I did in the last few days and months.

Drawing in my sketchbook. Graphite pencil. Might be an inspiration for a painting one day.

I am forever practicing hands. I love those elegant womens 'hands that you find in art deco illustrations. Takes a lot of practice though.

Now that I see her on screen, I think she has a bit of a conceited look about her...
Also drawn in my sketchbook with graphite pencil.

And this is a new kind of experiment which I'm having a lot of fun with. Have you ever noticed the beautiful sentences in lyrics? I am a big fan of poetry and have been collecting it since forever. And I love combining it with my paintings and make cards out of it. Now I noticed that it's really fun to make a drawing and then search through songs until you find just the right sentence that fits with the drawing. This is the first one I did. Lots more to follow I guess.
Lyrics are from a song of Evanescence. I used markers and pan pastels (for the background).

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