Wednesday, 11 January 2012

painting again!

I have subscribed for the free online Strathmore workshop with Traci Bautista. Watched the videos last week but couldn't bring myself to start. There was always an excuse not to, but in the end it came down to the fact that I hadn't a clue how to start. I'm not very good with just doodling. I never know what to doodle. I always seem to end up with faces and birds. Which is not the aim of this workshop.

But today I filled up my spray bottles and just started, together with my very enthousiastic 9 year old daughter. And we had fun! Only did the first 3 layers (stencils, acrylics, washes), because then time was up and I wanted to let it dry thoroughly before using my expensive markers. So no pictures yet (but there will be!).

Meanwhile started using some color again in my sketchbook. And made 2 more lyrics-girls. Seems like up until now I'm keeping my promise of drawing daily ;-)

done with graphite, coloured pencils, acrylics and oilpastels

I got the inspiration for the pattern in her shirt from an assignment my son got in school: start a line within a form, don't lift your marker of the page and make sure you fill up the whole form with one continous line. Fun to do and gives nice results I think.

lyrics from Evanescence, markers and pan pastels

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  1. Evanescence, another one of my favorites! I love your work! You are very, very talented!


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