Thursday, 26 January 2012

Results of week 4

I finished the last week of Traci's workshop. I kept adding things to it, it really was a lot of fun. I'm not so sure about the result, but I tried a few new things and I like the combination of the different art materials that I used.

So, even if it's a bit busy, it's colourful and it makes me smile. And that's what counts, isn't it? Doing things not for the result but for the pleasure of doing them.

Here are the in progress pictures:

This is the background that I started with. I had actually written words in 3 different colours, but for some reason the red colour just kept peeping through everything I put on top.

This is my doodle-page in Indian ink. Since Traci is always doodling flowers, which are not "real" doodles in my opinion, I thought I was allowed to "doodle" birds and fish.

The first stage: painting the base of the face and collaging doodles (and discovering that my waterproof Indian ink is not so waterproof after all)

Painting the face with inktense pencils (my favorite! the colours are really intense), gesso and blue acrylics.

Filling in the background and getting a bit carried away ...

The result after playing with coloured pencils and paint and markers. I could've kept going, but it is very busy already and I think it might have been too much. So I stopped...

Now I'm going to have a look at what other people did this last week. It's always very inspiring to see how different the outcomes are while following the same guidelines.


  1. Awesome picture, I haven't had a chance to get to my 'face' yet but I'm getting lots of inspiration from everyone else's!!

  2. Hey Denise, je hebt het alsmaar over 'doodles' en 'doodling'. Wat is dat in het nederlands? Die twee laatste zijn bijna als 'zoek de 10 verschillen'. Maar ze zijn heeeeeel mooi!

    1. Hey Rita, doodles zijn een soort van krabbels die je maakt als je bvb aan het telefoneren bent of zo. Meestal iets zonder enige betekenis, gewoon maar wat tekentjes maken. Als ik op mijn werk aan het telefoneren was dan stond achteraf mijn heel blad vol met allerlei kringeltjes en krabbeltjes. Dat zijn dus doodles. Maar in deze workshop worden de doodles bijna altijd bloemen, dus vond ik dat ik wel vogels en zo kon doodlen ;-)

  3. Hello Denise,
    Wlecome to Australia!..
    I love your work, colours and shapes, just gorgeous!!!
    Whereabouts in Australia are you?. I am in Melbourne...
    Also doing Traci's workshop, and having fun with it too...
    x Julia

    1. Hi Julia, thnx for the welcome! I'm in Queensland, the sunshine state but at this moment the "flood state" ...
      Love your doodles from the workshop!

  4. Love it! I had the same experience with my "not so waterproof" india ink too!

    1. Really!? I wonder which ink is waterproof. For this it didn't really matter since there's so many layers on top, but if one wishes to put varnish or something on top it would be very annoying if it starts to smear.

  5. your page turned out terrific! definitely my favorite of all the work posted in the Strathmore site!

  6. Wow, terrific! Too busy? No way! Really lovely face on the woman. I love the hair decorations and the tiny red bird on her shoulder. I am not familiar with half of the techniques you mentioned, but I can certainly appreciate the result. The mix of textures is just so cool, and all the extra little details are one of my favorite things. (I often get carried away myself!)

    (Visiting today from Artists in Blogland.)

  7. it's perfect! i like your lyric girls postcards too.

  8. I was in Taci's workshop too, but I have to say, your Week 4 painting might be my very favorite! Loved your birds and fishes too. Keep it up, girl, you've got talent!!!


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