Sunday, 15 January 2012


Lately, I'm having fun with trying out different techniques and ideas. Whenever I'm painting, I always smear the paint I didn't use on a page in my sketchbook/art journal (let nothing go to waste, right? ). Now I decided to make a drawing right on top of it. I first whitened the spot where the face would be with a bit of watered-down gesso, and then I just used my graphite and colour pencils. Got over it again with a brayer and some white paint afterwards because I thought it was too dark.

I still think it's too dark, but I'll leave it for now. Maybe I'll change it again later, maybe not...

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  1. I'm checking out the beginning posts of your blog to see how you got started. I noticed no one commented on this one. I really like the brayer effect. I don't think it's too dark because the darkness adds to the effect. The blue almost glows. You have a huge admirer of your work here! Thanks for sharing so much of it.


Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love hearing your thoughts about my work. Because I'm getting too many spammer comments nowadays, l have banned anonymous users from commenting. Hope this isn't a problem for you !