Monday, 20 August 2012

Postcards from MOO !

First of all thank you all so much for all the comments on my previous post. Wow, I'm blown away with it. So nice when people say they get inspired by me! LOVE it!

Haven't been able to visit all the PPF-players, but I'll get to it, promise!

I'm very excited because I received my MOO-postcards! I have been printing my own postcards up till now, because I just couldn't find a place where you can print multiple designs in a small quantity. And I don't want to print 100 cards with the same design. What if no one wants them? Besides, I love making cards, I want to make loads of different ones.

And then I found MOO. Located in the UK and in the USA. And you can print every card a different design! Just what I'm looking for :-)

Here are some pictures:

They are on really thick paper, and the quality is awesome. The only thing I regret is that they're glossy. I always prefer a matte finish. But hey, I'm happy that it's possible to get that many designs.

I made 32 different designs! I will sell them at markets and in my (hopefully soon-to-be....) Etsy-shop.

I also have been playing around with drawing one-line-girls. Lately I'm so stressed for time that I just need to find things that are quick and easy, to do in between other things. I like making these girls and then adding funny quotes to it in Photoshop. Here are two of them:

They are made of one line. So I start somewhere and don't lift my pen until the whole face is finished. Which means I have to go over some lines several times, but that's the fun of it.

Well, it's bedtime once again. I'll see you in 2 days with another inspiring artist. Bye for now and thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for the inspiration!! Love the cards!! My friend got them done and loves hers too!!

    Hugs Giggles

    Cool one line girl!!!

  2. Lovin' your one-line girls with the fun quotes! Your moo postcards look amazing!

  3. Your cards are SO wonderfully colorful and FUN! The girls are awesome too and the quotes...well we can all live by them!

  4. Your postcards are divine Denthe... so beautiful... and love that you have so many different designs... and fab one line girls... especially with their quotes... they are so sweet...

    Jenny x

  5. They look awesome. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to check out moo now.

  6. Love your ladies! I am definitely going to try this one line drawing. So whimsical. And thanks for the tip about the postcards. You should get a commission because anyone reading this post is going over to MOO right away!

  7. Love all of your cards!!! Those one line faces are great too...something I will have to give a shot at :0)

  8. Your cards look absolutely luscious, Denthe! I've never heard of Moo - I'll have to check it out! You listed the reasons I never wanted to print cards. Jessica is right - you need a commission from Moo for turning us on to them! xoxox

  9. those MOO cards are sooooo great! and the line girl drawings = well i love them too!

  10. Haha! LOVE that last quote! AND your Moo postcards are so so fabulous! I'm about to order some new Moo cards - and your review may just up my order. They are absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing! xoxo

  11. I love Moo. Have you tried their business cards. I've got the mini ones - with as many different designs on the back as you like!


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