Monday, 5 November 2012

making art when you're stressed for time ...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments on my previous post, and thanks to everyone who has blogged or facebooked or twittered about my calendar! Don't forget: you have until the 16th of November to be in the draw, so you can still particpate if you didn't already ☺. You can find the rules here.

Today I've been working a bit on 2 of my boxes. With all kinds of housework getting in the way, I started too late and before I knew it it was time to get the kids out of school, and I didn't get anything else done.

This is how far I came:

Today I also received the newsletter from the Art Colony with a link to a tutorial for 10 minute Intuitive Watercolor Wash Faces. Ten minutes? Okay, I could spare that. So I tried it out and failed miserably. I'm just not very good with watercolours, I find it very challenging to get it right from the first time. Acrylics is much easier, you can just paint layer on top of layer, but with watercolours you can't. But I had a new box full of yummy bright colours so I had to try it. Actually, I like the before picture much better:

should've left it like this ...

Instead I made this.... Yuk. Where's the brightness of the colours? And what's with all the lines on her face and neck? And why didn't I leave her eyes closed?

Oh well, it was just some fun in between, and I'll definitely try again later, when I have more time (somewhere in January I'm afraid ...)
Oh yes! Remember that I mentioned the mystery about the email that had disappeared? Well, I found it! I hadn't been mailing her from my gmail, but I had sent her a message on Facebook and it was there that I received an answer. Phew .... Was starting to think that I was losing my mind .... Thanks to Minnemie though, for the tip about the archive in gmail. Didn't know about that, it took me half an hour before I even found my archive ...

That's it for now. I'll probably be back on Wednesday with another inspiring artist post, IF I get an answer from the artist I asked for permission. See you then! Thanks for visiting ♥


  1. I agree with you about watercolor, very challenging! People don't believe it, they think because they played with them in grade school it's child's play.
    I have to disagree with you about your painting though, I think it came out fantastic! You can always go back in and add more for brighter color.
    You did a bang up job!

  2. fun to hear your thoughts about watercolor
    i am told some brands are full of pigment=brighter colors
    others are weak with pigment= washed out colors

    fun to see what you are up to.
    i think it turned out interesting and nice.

  3. She is just beautiful and I do like the strips on her face and neck! :) I feel I should try more and learn how to paint with watercolors, I too find it more easy with acrylics.. I one time went to a shop to see one man that demonstrated to show how to paint.. and he used acrylics.. so there I am.. :))

  4. Your intuitive painting is so cool - I love the drippy watercolor effects and really like the pen marks in the second piece - I know what it's like not to love a piece ;) but I swear this is cool ;)
    Great boxes too - yes - doesn't the school bell come to quickly some days!?
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, Google's being mean to me :) xo

  5. Thank you for sharing the intuitive watercolor painting technique. This is exactly what I've been wanting. I need to use materials that are less messy and easier to clean up where I'm living right now, so I'm working with watercolors, gouache, pencil, and paint pens. This is perfect! I think if you added some white lines to your picture, it might brighten it up. I'm off to try it!

  6. I agree with Kristin and Denise! I really like both iterations of your watercolor portrait. The first is very mystical, and the second is quite interesting. I have a feeling that if you look at it in a few days, you might feel differently. I hope so. Love your boxes too and can't wait to see more.

  7. I really like how your girl turned out Denthe... she has something very intriguing about her... isn't it funny... I love watercolor... and am painting on canvas at the moment... prefer watercolor paper... and using acrylics... and finding it much harder... ha... your boxes are look fabulous...

    Jenny ♥

  8. I really like both watercolors but the eyes you create always feel like they have something important and interesting going on behind them. I want to know what the second girl is thinking. Watercolors can be difficult but I love the soft effect they produce.

  9. I have to disagree about the face, i like her eyes open, and it still seems bright to me. I plan to help you out and post about your calendar once i get my computer fixed in a few days... I can't seem to add links from my ipad. I am glad to hear your calendar from lulu came out well as that's where i just ordered mine.

  10. oh wow!!! your work is amazing no matter when or what!!! love the boxes and the new painting!!!

  11. I like hr better with the added pencil outline. She looks fantastic to me. :)

  12. What do you mean you failed miserably - I LOVE it - gonna try it out myself! I think she is gorgeous!!

  13. ...but I like her with the outlines! it speaks to me :o) in truth, I like it much better than the more diffused version ( which is not bad either)


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