Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Artists that inspire me: Cassandra Rhodin

Well, I think this will be the last "inspiring artist-post" for this year. I think all artists are way too busy now with other things and don't have time to answer any emails .... So I'll just leave them alone for now and start again in the new year (my first new years' resolution ....! in November!!)

So this time I "cheated" a little bit. I want to show you some illustrations from Cassandra Rhodin, a Swedish illustrator that I really love. She is inspired by France in the 1920s. But that's about all I can say about her.

There seems to be no website, no Facebook, no blog, no nothing. Lots of sites and blogs that show work from her, but nothing from her personally. No email-address either.

So how to contact her? I tried. I really did. But it seems as if she doesn't want to be found.

And since the other artist I contacted didn't reply (again!), I decided to show Cassandra's work anyway.

A few weeks ago I was at a Brisstyle-meeting, and we were talking about social media. The speaker there didn't think twice about showing work from other artists. She figured if they put it on the net, it's available to everyone. As long as you mention who the artist is, she saw no harm in it.

I tend to agree with that. Which doesn't mean that I won't try everything in my power to contact the artist first. But hey, what can you do when there is no way to contact them?

The artists that I contacted and that didn't reply, well, I won't show their work. But this is something else I think.

Anyway, enough blabla. I love her illustrations, very feminine and strong at the same time. I hope you like them too. And if any of you know how to contact her, please let me know!

Did you see my daily quote on top of the page? Giggles from Happy Tiler told me how to do this! Thanks Giggles! I am a quote-addict, so this is perfect for my blog.

And Gina finally received my print that she won in the give-away for 100 followers. I was getting worried there, since Anja in Germany received her package a week sooner. But everything arrived all right and she wrote a blogpost about it. You can see it here. Thanks Gina!

That's it for now! Thanks for visiting, and I'll see you on Friday for the Paint Party ....! ♥


  1. This is really lovely work but how strange that in these social media-mad times, the artist doesn't seem to have a presence on the internet at all! I can't imagine, should she come across your post on her, that she would take offence as all you are doing is singing her praises as you love her work - who wouldn't want that!! Maybe the emails you sent to the other artists went into their spam folders and so they haven't seen them - I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't reply to you otherwise?

    1. Yes, well, me neither .... I would feel incredibly flattered if someone wanted to feature me ... ☺

  2. What a wonderful artist. I can see why you love her work and the relationship to your style. It's interesting that you can't find her -- in a way, I admire her ability to "hide" in plain sight. And as for those other artists -- can't imagine why they would not respond to you and be honored to be sought out. All best wishes, Jessica

    1. Yes, and the strange thing is: some artists I've been hesitant to contact because they're really famous, and they reply and are really honored about it. And then other artists who are not famous at all don't reply .... One would think that the latter category would jump for any chance to get featured, but no. Weird ...

  3. Prachtige tekeningen!! Ik had nog nooit iets van haar gezien en ben blij dat je er een blogbericht over hebt gemaakt. Ze maakt echt hele mooie dingen. Ik zat ze te bekijken en de stijl deed me even denken aan Egon Schiele alleen niet zo dramatisch. Ik heb nog even gegoogled, maar behalve haar tekeningen geen spoor van haar te vinden op mijn PC.
    Hartelijke groetjes,

  4. I always love the artists that you pick - her girls remind me of yours with their lips and long thing necks. I agree that when your art is out on the internet it is there to be seen as long as credit is given. . .

  5. Cassandra's illustrations are beautiful Denthe... full of expression... and attitude... she has a wonderful style...

    Jenny ♥

  6. impressive artist, i really love all the artists you showcase on your blog! and the quote of the day is so cool!

  7. loved seeing this art, I don't think i have ever seen it before. I wonder if she is still alive?

    how fun that you now know how to add a quote.
    lovely day to you~

  8. YES, I totally agree with you - this is different - and I bet she would LOVE the compliment of you being inspired by and sharing her work - and it IS FABULOUS! I absolutely love it!
    Thank you too for your sweet note of congratulations - it really means a lot! xoxo


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