Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Boxes, christmascards and decisions .....

Well, the time sure flies! It seems the older I get, the faster it goes. And. I. Do. Not. Like. It!

I've been working on some more boxes. I felt like painting, and I had 3 wooden boxes that came with a little loose canvas on top. So I decided to spray some paint on there and look for images to appear. The biggest one I saw an image right away, but the other two I've been painting and spraying over and over again, but I still can't see anything.

Oh well, I still have a few more days. This is what I had for the biggest one:

I admit, when I see it on the computerscreen the image is not so clear. But seeing it in "real life" the image jumped out to me. So I went with it:

Have to varnish it and then glue it on top of the wooden box. Not sure what I'll do with the rest of the box yet. Maybe I'll just give it a colourwash.

I've made some more Christmascards too, because I'm getting some prints made of my paintings and I want to try out printing some cards too.

And then I've been looking into opening an Etsy-shop. The problem is: I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I want to do it right from the first time. And if you want to do it right, you can't do it in a rush. You have to read and try out and look at other shops and gather ideas. That takes time. Which I don't have right now. Besides, it's only 2 more weeks of school before the summer holidays start here. And we will probably be going on vacation, which means I would have to close my shop anyway for a few weeks. Is it worth all the hassle, I wonder..... ? Last night I made up my mind to just leave it till January. Now I'm hesitating again .... Sometimes I get very tired of myself ....

We'll see what I get done this week. Because I really don't want to get into fullblown stress-mode being not ready for my market. I want to be really relaxed and zen next week when I go to my market, instead of runnning around like a headless chicken and staying up half the night to try and get things done (like it usually goes ...)

Off to the printers now to get my prints done! Thanks for visiting, I'll see you on Friday for the Paint Party!


  1. Wow! You are producing so much! Way to go!
    I´ll cheer you on for the shop. :) And of course will spread the word! :D

  2. I saw a face in your first image exactly where you placed it! I love what you did with that painting, the box is going to be amazing. I love the art paired with quotes, Neil Gaiman is a favorite author of mine and that quote is just great. I'm the same way about opening up an Etsy shop, I debate, but haven't managed to get very far with the concept. I'm sure when you do, it will be wonderful!

  3. The canvas is gorgeous Denthe... love the idea that it will be the lid for the box... and your cards are magical... when it feels the right time... go with Etsy... I am sure it will be wonderful...

    Jenny ♥

  4. Je bent weer lekker bezig.... wat een leuke manier om een schilderij te beginnen. Leuk dat je ons even mee laat genieten van de eerste opzet en wat heb je er een schitterend doekje van gemaakt. Ook je kerstkaarten zijn prachtig!
    Veel succes met de afwerking van de dozen!

  5. Take it easy. :) everything happens when it's suppose to and not a second sooner. Love your painting!

  6. i am like you...a bit of a perfectionist so i totally understand.

    i imagine an etsy shop will require a lot of work and commitment. you definitely have to prepare for it. but natashaMay is will happen when it's supposed to happen :)

  7. Gorgeous beautifully done..magical and inspirational!! Shine on..and wishing you blessings on all your new adventures ahead!

  8. I've heard an etsy shop can be a lot of work and sometimes not the best returns for the efforts. Of course I'm sure it's improved by now. I'd ask other esty shop owners how well it works for them. You have amazing work it will be fun to have it out there!

    You are unique enough to be licensed. Check out Brush dance too, see if they might take some of your calenders and other pieces!! Worth the try! I saw a different face than you did...I love looking in the paint like that!! Great pieces and always such spiritual thoughtful inspiring words!!

    All the best whatever you decide!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Love your work! Could see the lady in the first painting. I am in the frame of mind where I want to offer some of my paintings for sale, but being very limited in my knowledge of the business side of things, hesitate!
    All the best in your decisions!


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