Friday, 8 July 2016

Lots of paintings in progress, July wallpaper and a give-away!

I try to take some time to paint each day, even if it's just some dripping and splashing of colours, and I'm feeling so much better since I started my new canvas. I'm even working on multiple canvases at the same time. But first I'll show you my new wallpaper for July, which has a different size than the ones before. I'm working on my desktop again and the ones I made before were specifically designed for my laptop and didn't fit on my desktop. The size it is now should work for most desktops and laptops. Here it is:

You can download it here.

 I have been having lots of fun with my new canvas, and this is how it's looking now:

I was a bit hesitant to put more layers on there, because I really liked the background, but with this kind of painting you cannot get too attached to the layers underneath. I couldn't do anything with it, I couldn't see any figures emerging, so I just put all thoughts away and went for it. Although I must say I'm now planning a bit more. My last painting had about 30 layers on there, and I don't want that anymore. We'll see where this one ends....

And because it is now hanging on a wall, I was able to put some blank canvases underneath so they got some wonderful drips as well:

No idea what I'll be doing with these yet, but I like how they look. The reddish colour was made with a foambrush by using up leftover paint from the drips that fell down on the plastic, and then I put them underneath the canvas to take the rest of the drips.

This canvas is one that I had laying underneath my easel when I was working on my previous painting (also to catch the drips), and since I was spraying and dripping anyway, I decided to give this one some more background too.

Oh, can't wait to finish all these :-)

Then of course I have some more progress-shots of our little toiletroom:

I love letting my imagination run wild in there :-)

And last but not least: do you remember the "Colour me positive"-challenge? I posted about it in the beginning of the year, but with moving house and renovating I have hardly had any time to participate. It's a yearlong weekly challenge where you get to make a journalpage inspired by a positive quote. This week the lovely Lisa from Lulu Art, who organizes this challenge, featured me on her blog.

I could choose this week's quote, and I chose "Never regret anything that made you smile", and made a kind of journalpage inspired by it. By "kind of" I mean it looks like a journalpage but I made it on a separate piece of watercolour paper, because it'll be the prize you can win if you participate in the next two weeks! Have a look over here and join in the fun! You can join anytime, you don't need to participate every week, you can just see how it goes and do it when you can.

This is the (original) painting that you can win (size A4):

You have two weeks to make something based on this quote! Hope to see you there!

Well, that's it for now. I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday and to Colour me Positive. Thanks for visiting here, and for leaving your wonderful comments. I'll be ending this week with some funnies :-)


Wishing you a lovely day and beautiful weekend, and don't forget to do something that makes you happy! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I don't know how you find these funnies, they almost always make me laugh. The camel i felt guilty laughing over.

    So great to see your arts and love that you were featured.

  2. Congratulations on being featured at Colour Me Positive!! You deserve all the accolades you can get, your art is just wonderful! :D
    (Love your 'funnies' too!)

  3. Beautiful work again, you were busy, and thanks for the desktop calendar. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. I love drips, they can be so much fun! Your pieces are vibrant and lovely.

  5. The dog funny made me laugh a lot. I love your layers. I see fish and mermaids under the sea. Even if it isn't under the sea colors. And those boards are stunning all by themselves. You could hang them as is. Happy weekend. Hugs erija

  6. Me too, I try to do something every day, even if it's only something quick and small, but better just 5 minutes than nothing at all. I love those canvasses with the drips! What a great idea! I haven't painted on canvas or with acrylics for a while not, but your post makes me want to put a canvas on my easel and get the paints out. I can understand what you mean about the 30 layers. I like the intuitive layering approach too, but it can get a bit too much. I like a little bit of planning to go with it. Looking forward to see the next layers of your new painting!

  7. Congratulations on being featured at Colour Me Positive!Love your art, my friend!Your work reminds me the art of my country: colorful!Have a magical weekend!

  8. Love work done and in progress. I wonder if you will have trouble getting friends out of your little bathroom when it's finished. They will have so much fun looking at the walls they may not want to leave. xox

  9. Congrats on being featured at "Colour Me Positive" I haven't even opened the email...I'm EXTREMELY" behind over there :) . Love the look of all of your canvases and you little toilet room is looking GRAND ♥

  10. Colors are divine and creative works ~ delight to see !

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  11. I know what you mean about getting attached to backgrounds, some are "too good to paint over".
    Your watercolour prize gift is just sublime.

  12. Love your canvas in progress. I always love the bright colours in your art. I think the background is just gorgeous and can't wait to see it finished. Congrats on your feature too!

  13. Lovely painting background!

  14. lovely textures and colours in your work this week good luck with the challenge!

  15. Your wonderful waste-not want-not attitude produces some fantastic canvases. Love all those vivid colors.

  16. Wow so much creativity...DENTHE is back on track! So glad you are embracing your creativity with verve again! I know how much you've missed it and such beauty is coming through! Love the shading on your powder room work, gives it so much depth. I can just imagine how much that room will be enjoyed!! Also love your new challenge work...gorgeous..Love the page of faces including yours...BEAUTIFUL! Very exciting post! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. A wonderful post! I love all the drippling backgrounds and great what you get from leftover paint! Your bathroom paintings are awesome!Thank you for the beautiful wallpaper!♥
    Happy PPF Denthe!
    Happy weekend!
    oxo Susi

  18. Congratulations on being feature with you beautiful work!! Love how your bathroom project is coming together. Thanks for sharing and for the wall paper.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Nora Clemens- Gallo

  19. I love all your colorful backgrounds, Denise. I got a real chuckle from the dogs only rousing themselves for (hopefully) some cheese!

  20. I love all your colorful backgrounds, Denise. I got a real chuckle from the dogs only rousing themselves for (hopefully) some cheese!

  21. Your canvases are just oozing with yummy color! Love love love!!

    And this set of funnies is the best! haahaaa Had to show my hub! heehee


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