Friday, 15 November 2013

Paint Party Friday and Art Every Day Month - Day 15!

We're halfway through the month already! I'm still keeping up with the AEDM-challenge, and so happy that I'm creating every day. It really is THE best way to get out of a slump ....

Today I finished another miniature-painting. It's only 10x10cm (4"x4"), but it's a size that I still like to do. ATC is a bit too small for my liking.

And, like last week, I'm also showing an overview of my Art Every Day-week. It makes me feel good when I see how much I got done and motivates me to keep going ;-)

Day 9: painted rock (and I just remember I forgot to do the backside ...)

Day 10: sketch
Day 11: magnets
Day 12: another sketch ...
Day 13: painted rocks

Day 14: doodle

That's it for this week! Well, for the finished works that is. I still have way more stuff that's still in progress... Next week my mosaic should be ready, because I have to bring it in for an art show.

And now I have a question for those of you with a Society 6 shop. I would love to get my art on different products, like pillows and mugs. I've looked at Zazzle, but because it's a US-based corporation, they require non-US-sellers to do all kinds of complicated things with signed tax-forms in order to be able to pay them. And I hate tax-forms .... One time a year doing a tax-return is about all I can handle .... I just want something simple to try out, so I was wondering whether it's the same for Society6. I can't find anything on their website about it, and my writing to the helpdesk didn't result in a clear answer. They probably didn't understand my question......

So if there are visitors out there with a Society6-shop who are not American, I'd love to hear from you!

Okay, I'll stop my babbling now and wish you a lovely Friday and a beautiful weekend, wherever you are. Linking this to Paint Party Friday and to Art Every Day Month. Two links you should definitely click on! So much eye-candy over there!

I'll be back tomorrow! Thanks so much for visiting ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Beautiful beautiful pieces! It's a pleasure to look at all those wonderful things you create!
    Happy PPF

  2. Every piece is beautiful, you had a great week! Valerie

  3. I love seeing all the work together like this. You inspired my to do the same this week. I had planned to lay week but had spent so much time on the compute already I just couldn't be bothered adding a single pictures more Bury it does help to see on one post how creative you've been! Your work is all lovely. j Really like those little painted stones. I Opened a society 6 shop but have yet to put anything in it so if you find out is I'd love to know too. There is also cafe press but again I haven't got much beyond just registering on it.

  4. All smashing artwork, you have been very busy. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Wonderful work Denise. The post every day challenges are great to get you out of a slump, like you say although I always need a break once I 've finished them :-)
    Where is your art show? I would like to go if I can

    1. Thanks Sandra! I'm sure I will need a break too after this month ... ;-)
      The art show is in the foyer of the Redcliffe Cultural Centre, from the 25th of November until the 23rd of December. You should come, Redcliffe is a wonderful place!

  6. Fantastic work, my friend. Love the doodle. I've never heard of Society6 here in my country. I hope you can fulfill all your dreams.Have a magical Friday!

  7. The Rocks are the best but I do love the magnets too. Colorful and happy. My favorite. Happy PPF !

  8. Gorgeous work here, so much for our eyes to feast on! Sorry I can't help you out, I've never heard of Soceity6. Keep having plenty fun with your wonderful creations,

  9. Wonderful! I really like your colorful, bright style! So much fun and it looks fabulous. The little 4x4s are so awesome!

  10. Wow loads of lovely art - I particularly like the top picture

  11. Oh wow! I love all of them! The rocks are so awesome! I think if I hat to pick one, i would pick the pencil sketch, day 12.
    You know, I do love making the ATC size, it can be addicting once you get into it lol
    I haven't done one in a while

  12. You might not like working small but your art does, they're lovely! I've been working as small with acrylic as I've ever done before, it takes some getting used to doesn't it? Have a great weekend Denise.
    Jess x x

  13. I love them all, especially the rocks. Great job. Thanks, gloria

  14. all are gorgeous projects Denthe!! Is that your handwriting on these? If so I am even more impressed with your talent!!

  15. I had missed your day 12 sketch - very pretty!

  16. So much remarkable work. I'm amazed at your output and all so well done and colorful. Beautiful work and very inspiring.

  17. Your work is amazing, Denise, and so varied. I really love your painted rocks, especially the bright and happy colors. I would love to open a Society6 store for my photography, but I have yet to register and really get into it. Unfortunately I cannot help you with your question... I hope someone turns up who can. However, I know one woman from Italy who sells on Society6, so it seems to be possible, but I am not aware how many forms she needed to fill out beforehand. I would ask her, however, she just lost her partner and I don't want to bother her at the moment.

  18. Your day 14 doodle is fantastic, and your 4x4 painting beautiful, the soulful eyes full of memories, and your words fitting so well as always. Like you I find the ATC size rather restrictive, and the 4x4 makes such a good format and can be used for a card. What would you call the 4x4 size if you were to invent a name for it? I shall be inspired by you and make a 4x4 as one of this week's creations.
    Even though I have seen the others during the week, I have enjoyed them again this morning, and the variety of your work. As you say, it is encouraging to see them all together at the end of the week. My husband loves your quote "Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood" - says it fits me!

  19. Wat heb je weer een prachtige dingen gemaakt afgelopen week. Je bent lekker op dreef!! Veel succes op de tentoonstelling!!
    xxx Marianne

  20. Awesome work, all of them! :) You are of inspiration! :)
    Yes! it would be fun and great to have pillows and cups and stuff with our
    paintings and drawings on.. I want to find out too :) I've never heard of society 6 shop.

  21. Your beautiful work no matter what you create is always inspiring...I'd love to know about society six. I love the products people produce for it.But that American tax things sound scary for sure!!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. Wow all that in a week. I to like seeing all these pieces together. My favorite is the girl in the wind. Anyway that is what I got from it. Wonderful art with lots of expression.

  23. So wonderful! Wonderful messages, and the drawing of your profile girl is my favorite of all! A very close second is your very creative doodle! Beautiful :)

  24. All your works look awesome. But my favorite is the doodled image. It is so amazing. Wishing you the best with your future creative endeavors.


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