Thursday, 28 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - day 28

Only 3 more days to go! A month sure flies by this way!

Again not much time today as I'm still struggling with my Society6-shop. I sent an email to the helpdesk to see whether I misunderstood something, and I'm still waiting for an answer. Thanks so much for your tips and suggestions!

Today I finished a page in my artjournal. Felt like playing with shapes again ....

I scanned the girl and added the background (again one of my paintings in progress) in Photoshop. I kinda like the contrast between the black and the coloured background.

That's it for today. Last night I had lots of trouble with the internet. Uploading my post went really slow, and when I wanted to visit your blogs it took ages to open, and then I got a message it wasn't possible to open. So in the end I gave up. I'll try to come by your blogs tonight, if not certainly tomorrow.

Thanks so much for visiting! Linking this to AEDM. Tomorrow is Paint Party Friday again, and I'll be back!  Hopefully I'll be able to share my Society6-shoplink! Stay tuned ... ;-)


  1. I love the page! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ja Blogger heeft denk ik problemen, want van de week wilde hij mijn foto's niet meer plaatsen. Gelukkig is dat op dit moment weer voorbij, maar het is lastig als iets niet werkt zoals het moet. Asn het zwarte in je art journal moest ik even wennen, want dat is niets voor jou, maar de tekst en het idee is erg leuk.
    xxx Marianne

  3. In my post this morning I wrote about wanting to learn to use photoshop. You are tipping it in for me. I'd love to post my drawings with my paintings underneath! Thanks for you post. A few more like this and I'll be there! What kind of a pen do you use for the white printing?

    1. Thanks Barbara! I almost always use Posca pens. They are my absolute favorites. I've tried Sharpies, but they "spit" so easily and I don't like that. Deco Painter matt is also really good, but they're not as fine.... Good luck with your Photoshop experiments! Lots and lots of free tutorials in the internet, you'll get there!

  4. wow, wish I had a printer at home that would give me good prints from the stuff I make in Paint Shop Pro, but if I think ahead, I can always have them done at Office Depot (but how often do I think ahead???)
    this is so pretty, love the face and shape with have so many great ideas and execute them impeccably. Have a great day.

  5. Hi Denise, unusual piece - it does look like two becoming one - i have very weird dreams that would be impossible to paint! love your work

  6. love the shape so organic and with the words and the face, lovely

  7. I thought the face fit so well with the black and white. The background added the additional color that was the perfect touch. I really like this one. Good luck with both the internet and your shop. BTW, my internet was slow, too. I blamed it on Blogger.


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