Saturday, 30 November 2013

Art Every Day Month - Final Day !

The end of the month! The end of this challenge! And I managed to create something every single day! I'm really pleased and it's a challenge I surely want to participate in again next year.

It has really gotten my creative juices flowing again at a moment I very much needed it, so I'm very grateful to Leah from Creative Every Day for organizing this!

But I'm also pleased that I can take some rest now ... ;-) I hope I can keep up the practice of creating every day, but blogging every day just takes too much of my time, I can't keep that up. So from now on it's back to 3 times a week.

Here's my last creation for this month: another miniature-painting (10x10cm - 4"x 4")

And I made a mosaic of all the pieces I made this month. Since they're all very different and the images are all different sizes, it was not easy getting them all together, but at least it gives an idea of what this month was all about ....

Thank you all so much for visiting and keeping me going this month! I plan on visiting as many blogs as I can this weekend. But now I have to get ready for the Christmasparty in the gallery tonight ... :-)

In case you missed it: I have a sale going on in my Etsyshop this weekend, and there's free shipping this weekend in my Lulushop (calendar) and my Society6-shop. Have a look, maybe there's something you like ... ;-)

Thanks for being here ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Another lovely miniature painting to end the month. I agree with you that the discipline of it really gets me moving and working much faster. Your pieces all look impressive in the month's montage.

  2. It is amazing what you can get done in a month. Congratulations on making so much gorgeous art. Love this last one, too.

  3. Deze maand is weer omgevlogen en wat heb je prachtige dingen gemaakt!! Knap dat je het weer hebt volbracht. Fijn weekend (je hebt het verdiend :-))
    xxx Marianne

  4. I could have written that paragraph about creating and blogging and yes, I´m back to a slower pace too for the same reason.
    It´s been great to see what you created this month. Have fun at the party!

  5. you make quite a diversity of art this month, well done. I especially love this last girl, she has a perkiness about her that I envy!! great shading, but I think you are the master at that anyway!! Love your art, no matter what you make, it's always delicious. hugs

  6. What a beautiful way to end the month. And of course, I love your mosaic, too. It certainly shows your diversity. I created a separate post for my wrap-up.

    Like you, I think a rest is in order. But it seems like you won't be resting anytime soon, because of the party in your gallery tonight.

    It's been fun meeting you. I have truly enjoyed these artful pieces you shared with us.

  7. I love your collage but then I always appreciate all of your work. Have a wonderful time at the party and good luck with all of your holiday sales.

  8. Congratulations on reaching the end. It's been a tough month, but great fun. Love the mosaic

  9. Congratulations on creating something every day this month! Your work is beautiful and it's been a pleasure to "meet" you through AEDM!!!

  10. Yay! 30 days done and it's been so fun! I am so happy to have had the pleasure of cyber meeting you and your wonderful art! I agree that it's too much to blog every day but I am glad to read that you will continue to post as will I.

    I love that you show the past work for the month. You work is wonderful and I just love it! Look forward to seeing more.

  11. WOW,Your painting soo amazing i love the sparkle in her eyes,beautiful!!!

    Greetings Jeannette

  12. Denise!
    You did it!! To create all 30 days is such an accomplishment and your art is so varied and beautiful!
    LOVE how your book print is at an angle on today's piece!
    Thanks also for all your supportive comments this month! I am thrilled that an artist of your caliber would even read my blog but the fact that you comment as well makes me a happy girl! Hugs!

  13. it's nice to see a whole month's worth of paintings/projects. well done. I think I'll follow your lead and cut back to 3 times a week this month. it's looking to be very busy around here!

  14. Ha Denthe.ik heb bewondering voor het mooie werk wat je maakt
    en daar gaat veel tijd in zitten.
    Heel succes met alles wat nog komen gaat.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.


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