Thursday, 25 October 2012

Artists that inspire me: Silvia Pelissero

My planning this week isn't working out too well. Where DOES the time go!?

Well, this week's inspiring artist is a young lady whom I admire a lot.

Silvia Pelissero is probably better known as "agnes-cecile".

She is an Italian painter, only 21 yrs old, and incredibly talented.

I discovered her on deviantart a while ago, and am fascinated by her work.

 Isn't this gorgeous!?

She uses different techniques: watercolours, acrylics and oils, ink, and something she calls "drip paintings", made with varnish.

 She has a lot of videos on YouTube. Go have a look, it's mesmerizing, it really is.

All so different, and yet very recognizable as her own style.

I had a hard time choosing which pictures to put on my blog, she has a huge amount of work for someone so young

and it's all equally beautiful ....

Can you tell I'm completely smitten by her work ...?

If you go to her facebook page in the "about-section", you can find a lot more links to various shops and sites. And a massive amount of equally gorgeous artwork. Go go go, it's worth it! ☺

And now for something else: all of a sudden I've reached 100 followers! Incredible! Thanks to all of you, and welcome to my new followers. And as a token of my appreciation, I'm going to do a giveaway!
I'll tell you more about it in Friday's post ...

Hope you're all having a wonderful day / night! ♥


  1. Congrats Denthe on reaching 100 followers... I am sure they love your gorgeous blog as much as I do... Silvia's work is stunning... and what is even more amazing is that she is only 21... she certainly does have a fabulous style... thank you again for sharing... I really do love these inspiring posts...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Thank you for dropping by and your loving words. These images are just fantastic! Okay, your blog followers list just became 101, because I am joining too! ;-)

  3. Congrats!!! Having 100 followers is definitely something to be proud of!
    I love Silvia's art too - this is my favorite video - I've watched it several times - love how she does the drippy stuff and her eyes are amazing!

  4. Hi Denthe, net als jij ben ik helemaal weg van deze schilderijen en tekeningen. Wat een groot artiest. Ga zeker haar even googlen. Congrats with your 100 followers, you may be proud for sure.
    lieve groetjes Marja

  5. She really is wonderful and very talented. Love your choice of her work. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing!!!! Her work is amazing :0) WOW!!! Big congrats on the 100 followers...a milestone ♥

  7. I really like your series of sharing artists. This young lady is very talented. Thank you for introducing her work to me.

  8. I love Silvia's work. It's stunnin g. I too am totally mesmerised by her videos. My jaw usually hits the ground when I watch them. Congrats on the 100 followers!

  9. Congrats on reaching 100! I can see why you love Silvia's work so much - it's so beautiful - there is something haunting about it!

  10. Agnes-Cecile is an artist I also discovered on deviantart some time ago and just truly fell in love with her work - I don't think I've seen work so emotive and beautifully so - She inspires my own work with inks and watercolours.


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