Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Artists that inspire me: Dar Hosta

Well, today's artist is a little different in more than one way. First of all: she doesn't paint women (at least not that I know of ☺), and secondly I only discovered her this week!

Dar Hosta paints birds! And as you know birds are my second favorite subject to paint. But her birds are special. They are "cranky birds".

I found Dar through Carla Sonheim's blog. Carla is doing a blog hop to promote her new book "Imaginary animals", and Dar is one of the contributors to that book.

I LOVE them! How they look, the things they say or think. I think it's hilarious! They're so human ...

Dar was a student in Carla Sonheim's online class, and she came up with her own brilliant series of cranky birds. So simple yet so genius.

And the nicest thing? In this blogpost she shares very generously how to make these birds! And she invites her readers to join in the fun and send her the cranky birds they made. I might have a go at it myself ☺

Hahaha! Look at that bird! It really does look constipated  ;-)

And this is my absolute favorite. He's a kindred spirit, since I could've said this myself.

When you visit her website, don't forget this link: the who-what-why-where-when-how. Fun fun fun. You can find more cranky birds on Flickr.

Hope you enjoyed these cranky birds. I sure enjoyed sharing them with you!

See you again on Friday for the Paint Party! Thanks for visiting! ♥


  1. What fun! They might be cranky, but they are cute! :)

  2. these are great! thanks for sharing this artist. her style is just great!

  3. These are great Denthe. And I am surprised every time of your sentiments. Beautiful, cute and although cranky.
    Lovely greet

  4. I thought I saw Carla's inspiration in them. :) Awesome!

  5. Haahaaa this is fun to look all these funky birds...thank you for sharing!! The last one is to die for ;)

  6. Love them!!! I can totally relate to the Cranky Bird attitude :0)

  7. Thank you for sharing this. So much fun! Especially love the second to last one... (watching the debate right now!)

  8. geweldig Denise... birds !!!! X zjan

  9. great stuff! love these cranky birds- very funny! thanks for finding Dar and sharing her art

  10. i love her birds too and just found out about her through Carla's book release activity. I also made a bird two nights ago... it doesn't look much like a bird. Love yours.


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