Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer of color week 5!

Wild n' Reckless ... That was the color combination for this week's summer of color. Lovely colors! Greens, blues and purples. Some of my favorites, especially that blue, wow.

Getting the background ready wasn't that easy I must admit. Just kept adding layers to it and never got it quite like I wanted it.

And this week I wanted to be among the first to enter. Ha! That didn't work out! Struggling with the background took too long, so I'm again number 70 or so on the list. I really have to learn to start working  in advance ...

Anyway, that said, this is what I started out with:

And I had a very hard time discovering something in it. Do you see anything?
I held it in all positions, and eventually decided on this one. Because (with a LOT of imagination I daresay) I saw a chin, the eye of a bird, and hair...
So that's what I made of it:

Working with colors as dark as this was a challenge. I didn't really know how to lighten it without taking away the background too much. And I'm still not satisfied with it. It looks too, I don't know, grainy I think.

But hey, it was time to do a post so here it is anyway.

And in my art journal I just happened to have a page full of those colors. Which isn't that surprising really, since I always use my leftover paints in my art journal. So I played with that as well. And had so much fun! I'm starting to think about painting on wood in the future instead of canvas. Especially with these smaller paintings, for the bigger ones it could be too heavy. I love the smoothness of it, and the possibility to do anything I wish with it. Like using a brayer, stamps and collage. Much easier on a flat surface than on canvas.

Anyway, here she is, another page in my journal! Lyrics are from a song from Noa, an Israelian singer with the most beautiful voice. If you ever have a chance to see her in concert, you should go!

Well, I have a lot of blogs to visit, better get going!

Thanks for stopping by, see you in a few days with pictures of another inspiring artist!


  1. Your journal page is pure gorgeousness!I've never heard of Noa before but I love those lyrics and might have to check her out I think.

  2. Love the painting and the journal page!! This weeks colors are so alive and deep them :0)

  3. Oh gorgeous... as always... Denthe... love how you find amazing faces within the background... and lovely journal page... the yellow really makes it pop...

    Jenny x

  4. I really like how you let the canvas show you what your painting should be, that's clever. I really like this canvas and the journal page is stunning. I'll check out Noa now......

  5. This is so gorgeous Denthe. love both of them. Your painting is marvelouss and your pages very beautiful.
    lovely greet

  6. Your backgrounds are great...your faces are so ethereal and gorgeous, they give me shivers. LOVE them. Just beautiful!

  7. incredibly beautiful! Love this....the colors...the artwork...just gorgeous! I will have to start following you! Thanks for stopping by my blog too and leaving such a nice comment. I appreciate that very much!

  8. Great Summer of Color but I really think your journal page is phenomenal!! The background (in both) is spot on for our Wild and Reckless flavor. I love the ethereal figures in both, but the journal girl is very strong with her direct gaze. Then the contrast of her hair with the black flowing lines really grab your attention AND the yellow lines on the left side are incredibly dynamic!! Can you tell how much I love it?

  9. Beautiful work - the painting is wonderful and so beautifully composed, and I just love the journal page too. Great stuff!

  10. Denthe this is lovely work I like the journal page very much, I think it is very much your style.
    En de doosje...waren ze maar voor mij!

  11. I'm stopping by to say thank you for your visit last week (am so behind, haven't even started this weeks prompt yet!) I just love both these pieces each different in their own way! I love your style and with last weeks too. Utterly gorgeous.

  12. Love that background. What medium did you use?

    1. Hey Tracy, I used acrylics and inks

  13. I really do love that journal page especially.... and am going to check out Noa... love hearing about new music...xx

  14. The one more fascinating than the other, how gorgeous! :)

    It sounds so exciting to make a background and study it to found some figures or creatures :) I've tried it, but I should try it more.. it's quite a time since I did it..

    And your last one here, lovely speed streaks in her hair! =) I love the mix of the colors you use, and especially the blue!

    I'm impressed! :)

  15. Well, however you got there I think your piece turned out beautifully....And I adore your journal page - her face and hair are just stunning, and I love the yellow streaks behind her...

  16. I think both these pieces are brilliant...such pretty colours in both of

  17. These are beautiful! I love the blues too - my favorite. I was hoping to be higher on the linky list too this week but ended up around 80! I swear I am going to get there are last week!! I better get started. :) Have a great weekend.

  18. This is an amazing post! Love what you came up with including the quote! All beautiful. I do see a large face, and on the left hand side a small lady offering the face something!! Funny how we all see things differently!! Loved your post! Great job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. Thanks for sharing such a creative post full of beautiful work!

  20. They really are lovely colours!!

  21. love your journal page so much! with her hair and the yellow shading making such an interest on the piece!!

  22. I love the way you 'found' a painting in that background. Well done! .... and your journal page is gorgeous.


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