Monday, 9 July 2012

Boxes ready and another journal page

I finished the 2 boxes for my customer in the Netherlands. Just put the last coat of varnish on them, and hope they'll be ready to go at the end of the week. I want to make sure the paint and varnish are completely dried out before sending them on their long journey to Holland.

Here they are:

I managed to get them to look almost identical to the originals. Which turned out a lot harder than I thought. Couldn't get the face to look exactly the same, and the technique of the background on the one on the left is very hard to reproduce. But my customer is happy, so I am too.

And I made another page in my art journal! It's starting to be real fun! I still don't have the patience to put too much effort in the background. I just want to keep going and then I have to wait for every layer to dry first. Very frustrating. But it's great for all my leftover paints, and it's great for trying things out.

I'm using all my favorite quotes in there, and I hope by the end I'll have a book that I just can read in when I feel like it. I have so many quotes and poems on my computer I've completely lost track of where my favorites are. And it's much more fun to read them in a book than on the screen.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day. Thanks so much for the comments on my work, I truly appreciate it!


  1. I truly LOVE your journal page! Her skin is amazing, fantastic shading and colors. I love that quote, too! Gorgeous work!! So glad you are enjoying your journaling so much.

  2. The boxes are great and I really really love your journal page :0)

  3. Oh Denthe... those boxes are AMAZING!! Gorgeous, vibrant and beautiful... and LOVE your journal page... the colors are fabulous and your girl so lovely... love the white writing...

    Jenny x

  4. She looks gorgeous! Love the boxes. :)

  5. gorgeous box and journal page!

  6. Beautiful journal painting and drawing! :)

    and a beautiful box!


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