Sunday, 22 July 2012

Finished box and Facebook page ...

Well, it took me longer than I planned to post again, I honestly don't know where the time went!

But it was a productive week! I finished my wooden box, I caught up with my business-courses (well, almost...), I bought my own domain name (yes! that really feels good!), and I worked on my Facebook-page. I'm proud to say that I've almost figured it out! I'm not putting the link up here yet, because it's not finished, but I hope I'll be able to finish it this week. After that I can start making my new website and use my domain name. Big plans, yes, and it feels good to be up and running again. I've been so overwhelmed with all the information that was coming my way from the business-courses that I almost felt paralyzed to do something with it. But I found my breath again, thank goodness.

Today I bought material to make my own wooden canvases. I really want to start painting on wood, I love using a brayer, I rediscovered it by using it in my art journal, and it's very hard to use with canvas. And Conni from Tante Trulla was so kind to post a tutorial on her blog about her wooden canvases. Go check it out, it looks real easy and she says it is (though I have my doubts... For starters, I have a very hard time using a saw, I just can't get it to move the way I want it ..., well, actually: I just can't get it to move, period). I also bought material to try out some ideas with papier-machee. I'm on a roll, yeah!

And here are, from start to finish, pictures from my wooden box;

It was fun! I'm not sure how I feel about the finished box though. When I look back at the stage where there were only colors outlined with black, I really like the brightness of those colors. The doodling on top takes that brightness away a bit. What do you think?

So with my next box I'm going to leave the colors as they are and only outline them.

IF I can do that ... Because it's so much fun doodling on top that I will really have to restrain myself ...

Well, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Here in Australia, the weekend is finished already and I'm off to bed. I'll be back soon with another inspiring artist.


  1. As a Doodle fan I love the finished product with all of it's bright colors and cool doodles!!!

  2. I know what you mean, when you say, that you can´t get to move the saw. I also can´t get the saw moved, when I use a wood saw. Mine is actually for metal and that works well for me. Perhaps you could try this.

  3. This box is amazing. I can see it as a fancy storage for some of my paints ;-)

  4. Love your bright and beautiful amazing transformation!!

  5. That design is so amazing and so colorful I'm excited! A beautiful brilliant unique piece have you created, I love it so much!
    Have a nice week,
    xox Anja

  6. Looks fantastic! Wooden canvases sound interesting. Thanks for the link. :)

  7. Hi, Thanks for the heads up on my blog text, I was experimenting with different fonts, and made myself a new header, glad you liked it...lov your beautifully bright box art too...x..julia

  8. Your box turnes out amazing!!! So much of this cheerful colors and little details!!


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