Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Artists that inspire me: Sol Halabi

I was immediately drawn to the work of this Argentinian artist. Her paintings have an otherworldly quality which I enjoy very much.

 I like the contrast between the dreamy vague background and the realistic faces.

Actually, the background reminds me a bit of the paintings of Flora Bowley.

  The brightness of the colors is another thing I really love

Hope you enjoy her work too!

And now I have a question for you: When I started my series on inspiring artists, I asked you whether I should ask the artists beforehand if it was okay for them to feature them on my blog. And you thought I should.

Well, until now I only needed to do that with one artist, Conni from Tante Trulla, because the other ones are sadly not living anymore, and one has a blog in a language I don't understand (Russian).

But now I'm starting to rethink things. I sent an email to an artist I wanted to feature, and I didn't get a reply. Now this is an artist who does about a zillion things at the same time, I honestly don't know where he finds the time. And since I follow his blog, I happen to know he's now off to New York to work on a commission. So I think he probably read my mail, and decided to maybe give me an answer later, and then totally forgot about it. You know how it goes, you get emails, you decide to get back to them later, and before you know it they have disappeared into the depths of your inbox, never to be seen again...

Anyway, since he is very busy, I don't want to bother him by asking again. But now I don't feel right featuring him either. Which is a shame.

So that got me thinking. Featuring someone on your blog isn't a bad thing, AS LONG as you give your readers a link to their website or blog, and as long as it's very clear that the work is not yours. So is it really necessary to ask beforehand? For the featured artist it's really just a free promotion for their art, and that's a good thing, isn't it? I definitely wouldn't mind someone featuring me on their blog, as long as I get the credits. They wouldn't have to ask me beforehand. But I would like to know afterwards that they featured me, with a link to the post.

So what do you think? Would you like to be featured on someone's blog, if your name and website was mentioned, even if you weren't asked beforehand whether it was okay for you? Would you be happy, feel honoured, or be insulted or angry that you weren't asked?

It really interests me to know your thoughts about this!

And FYI: I didn't contact Sol Halabi to ask permission. Why? Because she is already an established artist, who has been published and featured in numerous places. I just don't think it's a big deal for her, she's used to it. Plus I don't think she has a blog. At least, I couldn't find one ....

Well, thanks for stopping by, and I do hope  you'll share your ideas on this topic!


  1. I like this artist very much. I have never heard of her before.
    And now to your question. I think it is very simple. You are not allowed to use other photos without permission, even if you only have good intentions. It is so simple. It is not allowed. You are violating copyright if you have not gotten express permission from the copyright holder, even if you link back to the source and the artist. The chances are very low, that somebody sues for damages, but there is potential for some trouble.

  2. Wow Denthe... love, love the magical work of this artist... I have never heard of her either... her work is breathtaking... so glad Conni answered your question... and when you read what she says... it makes sense... even though it is free publicity... love these wonderful artist features...

    Jenny x


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