Thursday, 14 June 2012

Should I or should I not?

Well yes, why not!? Seeing all those pinky-orangey-yellowy pictures everywhere, I decided to also join the Summer of Color. It's a weekly challenge, which is a bit easier to combine with all the other things I'm doing right now.

The first color prompt is Rainbow Sherbet. Pinks, oranges, yellows. Well, these happen to be among my favorite colors (the one from next week also is...).

So I made a very pink background.

This is what I started with:

And then .... I couldn't find anything. No images came up to me. I turned it in all directions. And then finally, holding it like this, I could (with a whole lot of imagination) see the shape of a face. But it was very high up on the canvas. And I just couldn't see anything else. Well yes, I could. But it was only a small face, and when I drew it it just didn't feel right.

So I decided to just draw something out of my imagination, and since birds are always a favorite of mine, that's what I drew.

Still struggling with my Facebook-page. Well, actually, I didn't do anything with it yet. I started looking on the net to find easy tutorials, and then I started thinking: what am I going to put on there? Maybe I should first get a website. Because the one I have is from Belgium and all the prices are in euro on there. I can't change that. So I want to make a new website. And I might want to add pages to this blog. And I want to open an Etsy-store. So which one goes first!?

Still trying to figure that one out ....


  1. So lovely that you joined in too Denthe... I really love your gorgeous canvas... the two birds in front of your sweet girl are just perfect... lots of decisions and fun ahead of you... just go with what feels right...

    Jenny x

  2. I've been watching for your Facebook page, so I could "like" it and share your gorgeous work. I love the color combination here of pink, green, and orange.

    I'm finding, too, that when I look for images in an abstract background, I see lot of female faces and birds. I'm working on one right now, and that's exactly what I'm painting. I've discovered the joy of Inktense pencils. I've had them for a while, but I wasn't aware that they were permanent after you wet them. That way, you can put them where you want them, and you don't have to worry about making mud because they don't reactivate. I love that.

    What do you use for the highlights in your paintings? Is that white Inktense? Do you do the layers on top of the acrylic background with more acrylic, or with Inktense pencils? I only have the set of twelve, plus a few Derwent water soluble graphite pencils, which I also love. I'm on a mission to get some more. I may turn out to be a pencil artist. Paint kind of drives me a little crazy, but it's perfect for starting pictures with abstract backgrounds.

    1. I haven't published my FB-page yet, since there's nothing on it. But I'll make sure to post it on my blog when I feel it's ready (and when I've figured out what to post on it!)

      That's exactly why I bought the Inktense pencils, because they're permament when dry. I love them!
      I've tried using white Inktense for the highlights, but for some things it's just not white enough. So I use acrylics or gesso. I do most of the layers on top of the background with the Inktense pencils, since I want the backgound to shine through. I've also started with the set of 12, but lately I have been buying some seperately, and I plan on buying more, since I use them a lot and I want more colors.

      Paint sometimes drives me crazy too. Especially when I haven't painted in a while. It's almost as if I have to start from scratch again. I guess it's just practice. I like mixing my media and letting the painting decide which medium to use ;-)

  3. Lovely entry for summer of colour. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with :)
    x x x

  4. Lovely drawings and I am completely drawn to all the green eyes - they are beautiful.

  5. Loving your fab canvas, especially the birds with the googley eyes. Happy Summer of Color, Annette x

  6. i like seeing your background and then how you layered the images. i also like how you took the bright colors but made them a little muted... very pretty!

  7. this is great and i can sympathise with the web site / etsy/ face book dilemma... always hard to work out and I look forward to seeing what you come up with...xx

  8. Fantastic as usual. Love the girls face and the birds.

    The first image reminded me of a steamed up shower door. I could imagine an outline figure in it. Now I think I can see the little face you mentioned in the pink image.

    I didn't initially intend to join the Summer of Color, I just happened on it after my painting as almost done and it was in the same colors as the challenge. What a co-inki-dink. So I signed up. Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with mint green and brown for next week. LOL!

  9. Great work Denthe, I love the birds and your girls beautiful eyes. There is always lots to think about when you are starting out, it all takes time, just do what you think will work best for you.

  10. Oh WOW! Your Rainbow Sherbert artwork is fabulous ... love it!! Looking forward to your week 2 now!!
    Jan x


  12. This is fantastic! I love those colors. :) And yes, that's the retreat I was talking about with Flora and Teesha. :)

  13. I love this face, her hair is beautiful and I think the birds just make it. Lovely.

  14. Oh that is really lovely!! I love the background!

  15. turned out so wonderful with her two birdie-friends! love her drippage hair and her big eyes :)

  16. This is beautiful- I love how spontaneous it is!

  17. Oh my..! This is absolutely a gorgeous face! :) Lovely lovely eyes, both on the girl and the birds! :) I love birds too! :)
    and I can now see the *face* on the background, your first photo :)

    Lovely weekend! :)

  18. beautiful! i love your work

  19. This piece is stunning. Really really loving this!

  20. oh what alovely the was a lovely color scheme to work with.... i found the fb page really hard to set up for pink possum, not easy at all......etsy might be easier to start with...

    loving your art work

  21. Gorgeous piece! Adore the birds..

  22. Hi there Denthe
    oh this weeks colour was so yummy to work with. you have captured this brilliantly. I love your style.
    Those birds are funky.

  23. brave color combination that looks fantastic <3


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