Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Artists that inspire me: Laurel Burch

Well, it's pure coincidence, but the second artist that inspired me early on in my attempts to paint, is also deceased. It's Laurel Burch, who died in 2007, only 62 yrs old/young.

I love the bright colors she uses in her art, and I am fascinated by her life story. You can read all about it on her website.

She was a self-taught artist, which makes me like her even more. I always admire people who just go against the flow and follow their dreams, despite not having the "right" papers or degrees.

A lot of her designs are printed on fabrics and used for quilting and patchwork.

She is most famous for her paintings of horses and cats. There are also journals with her work on it.

That's it for today! I have a little bit of time left before it's bedtime, so I guess I'll try to figure out how to finish that  #$&^@#% Facebook page ....

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  1. So very beautiful painted by her! Especially I like the horses, and also the bright colors in the first one! :)

  2. WOW the horses are my favorite and the second one with the beauties and her birds too! What a great women she was!

  3. the horses are my favourite too! she is a wonderful artist

  4. I love her! Especially her cat paintings. :)

  5. Another gorgeous Artist Denthe... her work is amazing... and yes... loving the color...

    Jenny x

  6. I have a tote with one of her images on it. Love it and all her work.


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