Thursday, 7 June 2012

New teesha's

I took a break from the computer today and have finally been painting again. Doing that business-course has made me realize that I can't do very much as long as I don't have enough stock. I've sold or given away almost everything I had before moving to Australia, so I really have to start from scratch.

So today I made some "teesha's". I call them my teesha's because Teesha Moore gave me the inspiration for these. They're so much fun to make, and I really enjoy choosing the quotes that go with them.

Only one's finished, but 3 others are close to finish. So all in all it was a very productive day today.
Here she is:

In the last post about Corneille, I forgot to show you the picture of my Corneille-table. I had an old wooden table with a damaged tabletop. So I got the idea of taking off the tabletop and replacing it with a piece of MDF. Then I painted the whole surface with my favorite images of Corneille.

It has been my favorite table for a long time. Unfortunately, when we moved to Australia, I was afraid to take it with me. It was very old and the quarantine-laws in Australia are very very strict. I surely didn't want it to end up in the garbage. So I gave it to one of my sisters. She was very happy with it.

I miss my table though, so I might make another one like that. I love giving old things new life.
Here it is:

Well, that's it for today. It's almost midnight, so I better get into bed FAST...

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  1. Wow, that table is beautiful. Definitely needs a sister-table with you though ;) new project??
    ps I'm here via the circle/business goddess e-course, I love your art. It is so vibrant and beautiful xxx

  2. De tafel was toch voor mij? Helemaal te gek joh. Die kant moet je op om goeie zaken te doen dat weet ik zeker!
    Liefs ManonX

  3. Love your painting but I have to say that table is made of all sorts of awesome. Would you mind if I pinned it to my painted furniture Pinterest board? I don't want to do it without your approval.

    This is where I'd add it:

  4. Your painting is gorgeous Denthe... love your pretty girl and the quote... and the name... "teeshas"... awesome.... your table is amazing... if you had to part with it... I am so glad that you were able to keep it in your family... and happy that you are enjoying your business course... you have been busy!!

    Jenny x

  5. I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than closed by belief. I was just talking about this today. Love that you are doing the BUsiness Goddess Course, Denthe. If you were selling that image - as a card or a prayer flag or a wall hanging or a tea towel or a mug or a... anyway.. I'd buy it! :-) Hey, I might even say I'd buy the original, but I don't know if it's for sale and I reckon you might want to keep it while you build your stock and work out your business model... Your work is beautiful and touching. Love Yollana

  6. well, first I have to say I LOVE the table!!! As an artist myself, I know what you mean about not having enough stock. I think we spend SO much time on the business end of things, because that's the part we think we have to focus on, but then don't give ourselves the time to create the thing we're trying to market LOL I'm guilty of this myself and I'm really working to turn that around.

  7. Your Teesha's look really fun and thy have a cut name. :) Awesome table!

  8. gorgeous art piece and that table is something very special! i love it

  9. wonderful to see your new piece and your well loved fun and beautiful table.

  10. Hi Denthe :) Your table is magnificent! It must have been so hard to part with it, at least it is still in the family! And your Teesha inspired page is so cool, I would love to know what you used :)



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