Thursday, 21 June 2012

Artists that inspire me: Ademaro Bardelli

I can't believe this! I looked up this artist's website to put the link on here, and guess what: he died in 2010! This is the third artist that I write about here who has inspired me over the years, and he's also the third one to be dead. Seems like all my favorite artists are dying ... What a shame!

Ademaro Bardelli was an Italian painter, born in 1934, who started his painting career in 1956.

I adore his work. The strong colors, the beautiful faces, the way they seem to come out of the background, it's just so beautiful.

I'll shut up now and just show some more of his gorgeous work ...

Last night, I managed to visit about 1/3rd of the blogs in the challenge. Phew, it's a lot of work. But I'm discovering some new fascinating artists out there, which makes it all worth it.

About my business-courses ... I felt a bit like screaming today ...Watched some tutorials for Wordpress, got confused about whether I should use or (yes, there IS a difference between them...), got some more confused about hosting and domains, hesitated between Wordpress (which seems to be really technical (which I'm not)) and Weebly, which is supposed to be easy but "serious artists should use Wordpress", huh!?, wanted some simple answers and couldn't find them, decided that I shouldn't be bothered since I don't have anything to put on my website anyway if I don't start finishing things, tried to figure out the shipping costs from Australia to Europe for a small box and was blown away by the price, and I'm not even sure it's the right price, realized that I have no idea how to ship a painting, let alone how much it would cost (just in case I would ever sell one through my new still not even embryonic website), and where the hell should I go to find all that information that all other artists seem to have no trouble with AT ALL!? Aaarghh! I think I'm overwhelmed and spinning out of control.... Almost bit my hubby's head off in the process...

Suffice to say that it was a bit of  a frustrating day .... ;-)
Maybe I should take a break tomorrow ...


  1. WOW Denthe... thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing artist... I LOVE LOVE his work... sounds like the business courses might take a little to get through... a lot of info to sift through I imagine... I actually took a few pieces down to our local post office... they are so lovely there... and asked for some postage prices within Australia... to the States, Canada and Europe... they were very obliging... and it gave me an idea of what to add to my prices for postage... they also gave me a free little booklet with postage charges according to weight and size... which included international...

    Hope things become clearer soon...
    Jenny x

  2. Lol! I'm screaming with you. :)) First let me tell you I had wordpress and I don't even know which one the .org or .com. My website got hacked and I lost access to it and gave up on it all because no one was helping me they all said they can access with this username and password and they couldn't understand that I could not access with that same password and user name. And it was so hard for me to figure out how to set up the whole website. This year when the web hosting expired I decided to go to free web hosting on weebly and just paid for the domain name. Webly is so much easier than wordpress. Believe me, if you want to go the easy way, go weebly. :)

    Shipping I figured out when I was mailing out my parcels. You can wrap one of your paintings as if you'd want to mail it and then go to the post office when nobody is there so they can take their time helping you out, and ask them to calculate for you how much it would cost to ship to certain countries. I put a general shipping cost and it's lower then actual but I put a price of a painting a couple of euros higher so I don't bother with shipping costs. And because it can get very pricey I sell only smaller paintings. The bigger ones I don't even know how I would pack. I would probably need to build a box for them and it's just not worth it. For me, anyway. :) Awesome inspiration, btw. :)

  3. Denthe, THANK YOU for introducing such an amazing artist.. LOVE the work. Sorry to learn he's no longer with us. :-(
    As for the business course, are you taking the Goddess business course? If so, i understand your frustration. I'm there too, and i think these things just take time and once in a while, i do take a break. I need to. As for the website, i'm attempting it on Weebly for now and so far, so good. Wishing you all the strength you need to carry on! xoxo

  4. Another thank you for sharing this artist. I can see the influence on your art. Really amazing work.

  5. I had never heard of this artist, Denthe. Thanks for sharing this really beautiful work with us.


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