Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Journal Quest

I've finally tried out something from the 21 Secrets workshop I've won. I have watched about 1/3rd of the workshops so far, and the one that inspired me the most until now is the Journal Quest workshop from Tracie Hanson. It's again a kind of "gut art", where you have to look for hidden treasures in a variety of marks. I've only just started, didn't get to finish it, but here it is anyway :

Now that I see the first one on my computerscreen, I can see some figures differently from the way I've drawn them. So I might change it again. Everything's still possible at this stage.It's fun.

I'm getting way behind with following other people's blogs. And I'm still thinking about 29 faces. Maybe I should start drawing some faces now already, just in case ... ;-)

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  1. aaaawww wonderful! I am a big fan of gut-art too :)


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