Monday, 2 April 2012

Joehoe! Can't believe it!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened up my mail and found out that I had won a spot in the 21 Secrets online workshop! I never never win anything, and now, in the course of only 1 month, I've won twice already by writing a comment on a blog! The first time was on the 4th of March, when I won a lovely pendant by Jenny. And now I had been deliberating with myself whether or not to join 21 Secrets. I wanted to, but I felt like I should practice some more on my Flora workshop, and finally start making things to sell on markets. And then by chance I read that one of the teachers, Aimee, from 21 Secrets was having a giveaway on her blog for 1 spot in the workshop.

So I decided to take the chance and let fate decide. And tadaa!!!! I won! Still can't believe it. Maybe this is a good time to start playing the lottery ;-)

In case anyone is wondering: it's "jerden" that won, but that's me also. I have 2 google-accounts and that was the one I was logged in with at that moment.

So, lots of activity ahead now. Which is not a bad thing, I need some stress to get things done. And I want to fully explore all the workshops in 21 Secrets. You can still sign up, it started on the 1st of April and stays open until the 1st of January 2013! 21 teachers, 21 different workshops. Can't wait!!!

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