Friday, 13 April 2012

He is a stranger to me now

I dived into my poetry books to find some poem that would fit my new watercolor drawing. And I found one that I thought fitted really well with the sad expression on her face. It's a poem from James Joyce, who died in 1941, so I should be all right with copyright laws. At least I think I am...

Drawing in graphite, painted with watercolor, then scanned it and added the poem in Photoshop.

Until now I haven't done anything with my 21 secrets workshops. Well, I watched some videos already, but for some reason I've delayed starting in a journal. Might try some techniques next week, but I'm thinking about first making a new journal just for these workshops. A kind of "learning" journal, with tips and tricks. It's a while ago, first have to watch some tutorials on the internet I'm afraid ....


  1. Oh this is so delicate yet so powerful - touching work... don't be afraid - you have so much talent x

  2. Wow, such a beautiful and haunted face. So great!


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