Thursday, 20 September 2018

Calendar doodle

Well, this week was a whirlwind of activity, and I hardly got any art done. Just one doodle for my calendar finished:

Oh well, some weeks are like that... I guess I'll just have to be okay with it and not get frustrated. I keep wondering though how other people do it. They have a job and they manage to journal daily. I so wish I could find a way to do that. Because it makes me feel good when I can paint or draw, and I get cranky when I don't find the time. If anybody has any tips: please share :-)

I'll just move on to the funnies and thinkies then, shall I ;-)

I will be linking to Paint Party Friday tomorrow. Hope to see you there! Thanks for your visit, and have a great day and a wonderful weekend ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Love your doodle! And your thinkies really hit home today! Thanks! :D

  2. I think this is a great post. I like this weeks quote too. I try arting every day but some days I am busy with other life things. So in the morning before hubby gets up and the day starts.

  3. Love your doodle. I am sure the calendar will be great. I find not having so much 'stuff' frees up time that I wouldn't otherwise have.

  4. Great doodle and wonderful dummies. Happy PPF, Valerie

  5. Sweet faces and fine words.
    Happy PPF 🍁🍂

  6. they either don't sleep, don't clean, or dont do any actual work at work :p

  7. I'm so done with today... and todaying. Can't tell you how many times the first funny happened to me. And there are some body parts that could fall off on me. Not having time to refresh yourself with art is so difficult, no answer here sorry to say. It'll pass and you'll find time again.

  8. Your doodles are fabulous, do not be so hard on yourself. It's a difficult thing to find that happy balance.
    Cherish the good days and roll with the bad, they make us so much stronger.
    Happy PPF Tracey.

  9. Truly love your art piece! It's amazing!
    Don't be so hard on yourself! Just take life one day at a time and breathe!
    Thanks for the rest of the goodies! Love the cat in the boxes! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  10. At this moment I am trying to learn not to define my days by what I have accomplished/produced but how I've exprienced the day and it's little moments...Hard, but worth the work!
    You didn't do "just" one doodle, you did a GREAT doodle and had sooo much fun in making it! Happy PPF - Irma

  11. omgosh! I think the one about a body part falling off made me wee myself! hahaaaaaa
    And then the cat traps right after, well it was a coffee snorting through the nose kinda morning here- thank you!

    Denise, You always find the best quotes to go along with your doodles as well as other artwork.To me, it's like part of your soul is on or in each and every piece you create. That may sound cliche' but with your art, I really feel it. Thank you for always being so "real" I believe that is what I love the best about you!

    On to other things, I was thinking of you yesterday while we were opening the Indian corn for the fruit stand. The warm,humid! dry summer was unkind to the corn, but we managed to squeak out a few beautiful ears!If you would like some fresh kernels, I will be happy to send some along!
    I hope your summer was beautiful and may your fall be bathed in color! ")
    hugs and love from Wolcott,NY Jackie xo


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