Thursday, 6 September 2018

Another month has started .....

and I totally forgot to make a new wallpaper....

Oh well, maybe next month. I'm still getting used to working again, and this week school started for my daughter, which always brings some extra stress. Plus my son is preparing for his driver's licence, so I have to drive around with him all the time to let him practice, because he's determined to get it right the first time.

Needless to say I didn't get any art done...

So I'm showing you some things I did in the summer holidays :-)

We went to Sardinia (Italian island) for a vacation, and I needed some slippers. Two days before we were leaving I found some by accident while grocery-shopping. There were only a few left, and I knew right away which ones I wanted. They looked and were very comfortable. It was only when I was walking to the cash register that I saw the tag saying they were slippers for men ...

Okay, I had to admit they looked a bit "male-y", but I sure didn't want the silver or gold ones that were there for women. So I decided to give them some colour ...

I still had to pack our stuff and do a million other things that need to be done before leaving for a vacation, but when I have an idea in my head I can be quite determined ;-) So I worked into the night, putting colour on there with my beloved Posca-markers:

I can tell you it was way more work than I had anticipated. I had to add two and sometimes three layers before the colour was deep enough, and I only got one more or less finished when I went to sleep. But I could hardly leave the other one brown, so the next day I kept working and only got a few hours of sleep before we had to catch our plane. But they were finished :-)

I LOVE wearing them! They just make me smile. And even after hiking through sand every day they're still looking great. Plus I don't think any man would want to wear them ;-)

Here's also another doodle that I finished during the summer:

And some pictures from Sardinia. This was a tree we passed on the way:

Its bark had such beautiful colours, here's a close-up:

And this was the view we had from our balcony:

Ooh, it seems so long ago and far away now ...

Well, that's it for now. I hope next week I will have finished some of those doodles that I want to make into a calendar. I first have to snap out of my summer mode :-)

I'll be linking to Paint Party Friday again tomorrow. It was nice seeing everybody again, looking forward  to the party!

Here are my weekly funnies and thinkies:

Thanks for your visit! Wishing you a beautiful day ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. your altered sandals look great :D makes them very unique and if someone stole them you could def say they were yours :)

  2. Cool sandals! I wouldn't have had the patience to do that! Glad you had a nice vacation. Your view was outstanding (lucky you!) :D

  3. Beautiful art and I LOVE those slippers, well done! Happy PPF, Valerie

  4. Love the slippers they are beautiful. Great doodling as well.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Your sandals are cool and your drawing is superb, as usual.

  6. Oh my those sandals are fabulous what a great idea, I would never have thought to use those pens. Lovely captured memories of your hols.
    Happy PPF & Thank you for the Lols..

  7. oh my gosh! That last funny had me laugh out loud! I was taken aback by it at first! That is great! haahaaaa (the others were as well but this was the best!)
    Those sandals are the bomb! I'll bet people were wondering where they could buy those as well! Beautiful Denise!
    Your doodle is just as fab, I love your words as well in it.
    Oh my gosh, Italy? That view from your balcony-spectacular! It is my biggest dream to visit Italy someday-we shall see!

    Thanks for such a happy post, you bring such joy into my morning Denise-thank you!

    Happy September!
    Jackie xoxo
    ps love the yoga thinkie as well, I need to be more mindful like this ")

  8. fabulous redo with the slippers- love them!! Sardinia looks so beautiful. Gorgeous doodle art. And thanks for the funnies. Happy PPF!

  9. I love these shoes. I am also loving the faces with these sad eyes. There is so much emotion in them.

  10. Your shoes are wonderful! YOUR designer shoes...well done. Happy PPF

  11. Don't you just love Posca paint pens? I am so addicted to them. Your sandals really look amazing! So colourful and vibrant fun. I'm really happy to know that they stand up to wear too. That's amazing!

    Beautiful sketch/inking too. Really lovely piece of art :)

  12. Fantastic and you are so right...very happy colors!!! No frown lines from these shoes :)
    Love the "funnies"...thanks for the laughs!
    Very happy posting!!!

    Happy PPF!!!

  13. Gorgeous work on those sandals!

  14. I love your sandals!!
    I once found a very colorful pair of barely worn Birkenstocks at a thrift store, with bright red flowers! 🌻🌷 even though they fit and were in great shape, I *almost* didn't get them because I thought they were too bold!! Needless to say, I've gotten more components on them than any other shoes I have!!
    Your holiday sounds wonderful, Sardinia is one of the #bluezones, with high number of centurians! Happy PPF!

  15. Your colored slippers are adorable!!!! I want a pair!!!
    I love your doodle - its fun. And what an beautiful camouflage tree!

  16. Wow, fantastic work on those sandals! So bold and unique, you must get loads of compliments! I totally feel you on the time - I've done one pair of Sharpie shoes and holy cow, took forever. :D

  17. Love your sandals! Your doddle art is always charming.
    Thank you for sharing the photos of your vacation. I've traveled a lot in the Southern Europe, but never Sardinia.
    Have a enjoyable weekend xx

  18. Have a great weekend Denthe. Thanks for all the art and clever smiles
    The doodle is my favourite this week


  19. I love your shoes! I want your shoes! LOL! You could have a new business?? Amazing doodle! I love it! That bark on that tree is amazing!!! Thanks for the funnies! Big Hugs!


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