Thursday, 26 April 2018

Still playing

with my new painting. I'm enjoying it so much, I love playing with colours and this painting is one big colour-party :-)

Here's some more progress-pics:

It's a big canvas (80 x 80 cm - 31,5"x 31,5") so I still got a lot to cover. I drew some figures and some random lines, but mostly I just make it up while I go. It's fun!

Didn't manage to make a second sketch this week, to make up for the week I missed, but I did make one for this week:

I'm getting a bit bored with these sketches, and I might switch to something else. I don't like doing the same thing over and over again, I need to change regularly. Might change to doodles or something else entirely. We'll see :-)

That's it for now. Linking to Paint Party Friday tomorrow and looking forward to visiting all of you. Just some funnies and thinkies left :-)

  celebrating earth day ... :-)

Take care, have fun and see you next week! Thanks for dropping by ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Still lovin' the painting! ♥♥♥♥ Those were some good 'thinkies'! :D

  2. so many things to search fort in the painting :) hmm maybe sketch what you see out a window?

  3. Your painting is looking wonderful. Some unique colors happening.
    Charming sketch. I wonder what you will change it to.

  4. Your painting is coming along very well. Great sketch too. And some great funnies, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. The painting looks great, Denise! I hear you about getting bored. I can't do the same thing over and over again either. Thank you for the funnies! :)

  6. Gorgeous colors, Denise. I hope you will still do a few of the portrait sketches every now and then. They are so beautiful.

  7. I'm the same way..I get bored easily, and have to keep making changes. Love how your painting is progressing. I literally lol at the kitty in a box. Soooo true.

  8. Thanks for inviting me to your'colour party'
    HAPPY PPF Denthe


  9. Lovely art, hope you find some changes that you are happy with. Love the one on creating your own path.

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  10. I am loving this painting too. It feels slow and easy and a bit peaceful. I scrolled down to see your portrait and lost my breath. This looks exactly like my SIL. Wow Have a great weekend.

  11. I got all my senses massaged here today!! My colour sense was so happy with your gorgeous new paintings... wow loving this new twist on your style!! My funny bone got a giggle...and well it was a great time all around!! Thank you!!

    Peace Giggles

  12. Painting is looking amazing! Four-legged critters -looking fantastic! For the sketching, maybe some profiles or 3/4 faces, for a change?

    As usual, excellent collection of giggles at the end. Might have to steal a couple. ;)

  13. Your painting is absolutely amazing!!! I can't wait to see it complete! I love the colours you use! Beautiful sketch!!! Thanks for the funnies! Big Hugs!

  14. Oh Denise! Your painting is coming along splendidly! It must be so much fun to paint so big like that- sometime I will give it a go! Meantime, I will adore yours! ")
    Sending huge hugs my friend! xo

    ps...really like the one from Liam


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