Thursday, 19 April 2018

Spring, no, summer has started!

School holidays are over and I'm slowly getting back into my daily routine. Didn't have anything to show last week, which means I'm now one week behind with my weekly sketches. But no worries, I'm sure I'll be able to make one extra some time in the next weeks :-)

But first the most important thing (for me at least): spring has well and truly started, we even had summer temperatures the last few days. And it feels so good. Oh, I truly am a sun lover, I hate cold and snow and dark grey days. I can hardly believe that only 3 weeks ago we still had snow! So for those of you that are still struggling with snow and ice: spring will come, just wait and see! Here are some pictures to bring you in the mood :-)

 Our rose bush. It had so many buds already when it started snowing again, so I was worried there wouldn't be any flowers. But see: they all came out :-)

our dog can't get enough of the sun ... 

 hmm, this smells sooo good. This one also had buds since a few months already, but the snow didn't bother it, luckily!

Our cherry-tree .... Look at that sky!

And now for my weekly sketch:

She is looking either very sleep-deprived or very sad .... Oh well ...

And here's some progress with my painting:

Still loving experimenting with some new techniques.

That's it for this week, except for the funnies and thinkies of course :-)

some comfort for those of you still struggling with winter ... 

This is a test admission for the academy of the arts in China .... Wow!

Linking this post to Paint Party Friday and looking forward to visiting some of my favorite blogs. Thanks so much for stopping by, it's truly appreciated! 

Wishing you a wonderful end of the week and lots of joy. Take care! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I LOVE what you've done on your painting!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I could hang that on my wall this very minute!
    As always, thanks for the funnies and the thinkies....that last one is something my mother told me all the time and I have passed on to my true! :D

  2. LOL! love the sunbathing dog :D and such pretty assortment of flowers :)

  3. A lovely sketch and an awesome painting, Denise! It's wonderful that your garden is in full bloom now. This is my favorite time of the year.
    Great funnies, especially the clothing label!

  4. Wonderful art and photos, love that dog! Great funnies, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Agree, great art as always and your photos are always lots of fun.

  6. Love the girl sketch. Thanks for sharing of nice photos an funnkes 😀 Happy PPF and weekend 🌼

  7. Fabulous new funky style on that canvas...I love it! Impressive change! Your girl is sad and exhausted...I'd know that look anywhere!!Thanks for sharing your version of's here too...finally!!

    Peace Giggles

  8. oh thank you for that breath of Spring! It is ever so slow staying with us-it's cold again and we had flurries twice this week:( OMG- you dog in the sun-now that is pure joy! Your sketch is lovely as always and your painting- love seeing the imagery emerge as you progress. Happy PPF!

  9. Wow, the painting is looking amazing! Really gorgeous. and I love your sketch too. I really like how you take the time to really draw the hair and it looks so good.

    Thanks too for the spring photos! So pretty! I admit I am jealous, LOL. We still have tons of snow and can't even see the grass so I'm very anxious for warm and green. It's sunny today though and I am hoping for a big melt this weekend.

  10. Lovely art and spring photos, love that mosquito joke!

  11. Love the photographs of the Spring flowers, always a beautiful site but I don't like summer, I could skip that and go right into Fall, lol The portrait is amazing, anytime you can capture any emotion is excellent. I was also amazed at the test admission for the academy of the arts in China meme, I tried to find out more about that, but sadly didn't. I always wonder if something like that is photoshopped or real. You can't tell these days.

  12. Great post, Denise. Well, here is VA we have summer one day and winter the next. It has been a very strange winter/spring. Again another freeze warning for tonight very close to where I live. I do so love your drawing. Yes, she looks either pensive or sad in such a beautiful way.

  13. I really enjoyed looking at your world through photos this week. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  14. Your daily sketch is SO lovely. Soft and pretty--very sweet.

  15. Love all your beautiful photos! Thank you! I think "Spring" has finally came here!
    I love your sketch! I think there is so much feeling in it!
    Your painting is looking so cool!
    Love the extra's too! Thank you!
    Big Hugs!

  16. Always so nice to visit your spot Denthe. A lovely collection of photos and your art is beautiful :D) xx

  17. I forgot to say, give puppy a hug from me!

  18. Your artwork is so detailed. And a lovely post all over.

  19. Your artwork is so detailed. And a lovely post all over.

  20. Heerlijk zomerse bloemen hier word je vrolijk van
    Zo leuk jullie hond aan het zonnebaden is.......
    Fijn Denise dat je genoten hebt van de zomer en je vakantie
    je schets is weer bijzonder mooi!
    lieve groet

  21. I love the dog sunning. . . The sketch is dynamic. Blessings, Janet


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