Thursday, 19 October 2017

finished all calendar pages!

It took a lot of patience and time, but I managed to get 12 images of my map faces done for my map calendar :-) I haven't put it up for sale yet, since I always order one calendar for myself first so I can check whether everything looks all right. As soon as I receive my calendar and everything is okay, I'll put it up for sale, together with my other two calendars.

Here are the images that I did this week:

I'm really looking forward to seeing it in "real life";-)

I didn't do anything for Inktober, since my week was super busy. In addition to starting a new job I'm also doing some training, and I'm starting to get the feeling of drowning in information and having no time to digest it. It's very interesting though, but how I'm longing for some time to just relax and paint for a whole day. My next canvas has been standing on the easel behind me and is starting to look very neglected.

I did however find an interesting auction for artists on Facebook, and I'm silently planning on getting something ready for this to sell. Probably one of my watercolour girls. Here's the information:

If you click on the image it should bring you to a document on how you can participate. Next week should be a bit less busy, so hopefully I'll find the time to paint something. I'll keep you informed!

Well, that's it for now! Thanks so much for your visit, and for leaving your wonderful comments. I'll be linking to Paint Party Friday tomorrow, and ending with some funnies :-)

 very recognizable, since my son is learning to drive  ....

And the ones to make you think ...

Hope you're having a very nice day, and wishing you a restful and peaceful weekend.
See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. The calendar pages look great! :) .....some of the funnies are something to think about for sure!

  2. Fabulous looking calendar pages! I am so looking forward to getting one of these for 2018!! I so appreciate the time and effort you are putting into them, especially with your heavy work and family schedule.Thank you! And happy PPF!

  3. Wonderful art, love the new faces. Great funnies, too! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. For some reason I couldn't comment last week. There was no comment window even though others already had commented. Probably a hickup of my computer or browser. I'm glad it's working again. Your map faces are stunning and exceptional, Denise! The frames you chose work perfectly.
    Hopefully you'll find some time soon to get creative again.
    From your funnies and more serious picks I can tell that we're on the same page regarding a lot of topics.
    xo Julia

  5. Your map faces are fantastic! Both the words and art ( the last one was my favorite). Love the funnies as usual!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the Artists Give Back info. I am seriously thinking of donating a canvas. Question is, can I get it done in time? The map faces calendar is such a unique and awesome idea!

  7. Those map faces are wonderful. The calendars will be great, I'm sure. I didn't get much done for Inktober, either. It's hard to do everything at once.

  8. You have made a great job❣
    Thanks for funnies 😁
    Happy PPF ❤

  9. Wonderful art, love the faces and the color. Great funnies, too!
    Happy weekend

  10. Gurllll your calendar art is just amazing!!!! So glad you got it done.

  11. Your calendar pages look absolutely gorgeous! I love those map backgrounds. Seeing your map faces always reminds me of those bags of old maps that are sitting around in my home, and that I should use them. And then I always forget. Maybe I should start a separate sketchbook for incorporating maps on every page.
    It's always good finding materials that work for you in a local shop, especially if they aren't expensive, like your alcohol pens, isn't it. I've decided rather than looking for new pens, to go through my supplies and use what I already have :)

  12. Love the calendar pages. Very beautifully done. Your writing adds so much.

  13. Beautiful calendar! I hope to buy for my Xmas! I have your one for this year next to my laptop!

  14. OMG!!!! I can't wait for the map calendar to be ready. Every one of them is fantastic. Love the quotes today too. have a great weekend.

  15. Your work is very unique!
    i love the color and addition of words in each.

  16. Nice calendar pages. Happy PPF


  17. congrats on getting al those pages finished! :D should be proud of that and all that colour looks great :D

  18. I didn't think these pages could be more beautiful, but they are with the colourful these are so amazing....I see prints, bags, mugs, cards out of these fabulous girls. They speak so much truth.. stunning work!

    Peace Giggles

  19. So much work goes into making calendars. I admire you putting in the time, especially since you're so busy these days. Looks fabulous. I love your writing style, and the quotes.

  20. I love your calendar!!! It looks amazing! So exciting!! You should be so proud! Big Hugs!

  21. Your calendar pages look awesome and the wordings too.
    Happy PPF :)

  22. Oh that calendar is just perfect! I can not believe the work you put into it to remove the lines- you are something else ! Awe,Denise, I sure hope you get that day to paint and relax real soon- I know about brain overload- it sucks,the life right out of you!

    Happy to see you participating in that auction- Jessica Sporn always puts together great auctions,I might have to sign up myself!
    again, perfect funnies for these times at hand!

    huge hugs my friend,Jackiexx

  23. I think you have a wonderful style with your art that is all your own. Yay!
    They all are great.
    Thanks for the funnies.


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