Thursday, 12 October 2017

a bit overwhelmed ...

Phew, what a week! It flew by and was so busy with all kinds of things that I didn't have much time for art. And I really missed playing with my new alcohol markers. I did play a bit, but not nearly as much as I wanted. And it looks as if next week won't be any better....

Anyway, it turns out my plan for finishing my map calendar was way too optimistic. These images take a lot longer to get ready, since I need to make the middle line disappear, and also the text is sometimes really close to the edge of the page, and I need to make sure that it'll still be visible in the calendar. But I did finish a few images. I first wanted to use black borders, but now I decided  to make the border in a colour that's also in the image. And I kinda like that, so I'm going to make all the images like that.

Here are the ones that are finished:

I hope I'll have time to finish the other images next week ...

I only did a few drawings for Inktober. The last one I didn't even use my alcohol markers. When I don't have much time I tend to grab the materials I'm most familiar with, so markers it is ... I'm still making drawings but not really following Inktober. Most people that do Inktober follow the prompts, and I'm not very good with that. Anyway, here are the ones that I finished:

That's it for this week. Still working in my art diary but getting behind .... I'll try to catch up though.

Okay, and now for the funnies :-)

okay, sorry if I'm offending someone with this, but I just find this extremely funny ...

And the more serious ones ....

no words are necessary ...

Linking to Paint Party Friday tomorrow! Have a look there if you want to see what other artists created this week!

Hope you're doing okay out there! Thanks for your visit, and have a great day! 
See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I like the borders for the calendar pages. It sets off the art perfectly, good call! :D And of course, the funnies! Spot on...especially the last one.

  2. I love your map calendar and look forward to the end result!

  3. Wonderful art and great funnies, I always look forward to my weekly dose here! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Fabulous calendar pages and your Inktober drawings are superb. I haven't been following the prompts, either. I tend to stick to what I know works for me, in the style I like.

  5. Your art is absolutely, positively incredible as always Dear Denise!! I am just gobsmacked when I visit and read that you haven;t done much! Seriously? I wish I did have as much as you did not! haahaa Did that make sense?
    Any way, you must know what a huge fan I am of your art as well as you- you have the kind and thoughtful soul, I connected to immediately- I love that you are not afraid to let the real you come out "uncensored" good for you my friend! (i had to steal a few of those funnies-) hope you don't mind- they had me in stitches and no offense taken! LMBO!

  6. How I love the map art!! And your ink drawings-love. The girls always have such expressive faces. Happy PPF!

  7. Your map pages are such a wonderful example of your talents. I think it was love at first sight when I saw these. And your funnies this week? Always truth..with an edge and now I think I will be silent (and hope my thoughts don't get bored). Happy PPF

  8. OH! Your map calendar is going to be so awesome and I can't wait to have it ♥♥♥Love your drawings this week too and the funnies are top notch!

  9. Love the map images and super job on cleaning the lines! WOW! The inktober ladies are beautiful too. So pretty and the one with bright orange hair is so cool. I love that colour combo.

  10. Luv your unique style. Happy PPF

    much love...

  11. Oh my goodness so in love with map girls and the new borders! Ever considered making a little coffee table book, post cards or greeting cards with those map gals! I want them just don't use calendars! I feel they could be marketed even on mugs and tee shirts! Great post love it all!

    Peace Giggles

  12. Your map calendar pages are beautiful

  13. OMG! I think these are your best art for the calendar. I love how you are treating the hair. Great funnies too. Have quiet, peaceful weekend.

  14. Your calendar pages are just wonderful. You have chosen great quotes and illustrated them perfectly. I think your choice of lines color is good.
    Have happy weekend and upcoming week 💕

  15. Beautiful calendar pages and inks Denthe!

  16. Denise,ik heb met veel bewondering gekeken naar je mooie kunstwerken!
    geniet ook nog even van het mooie nazomer weer!
    fijn weekend

  17. Your calendar images look amazing. happy PPF!

  18. Yoru work always makes me think and I love your drawing skills and gorgeous colors!

  19. Your art is truly amazing! Breath taking! Make sure you take time to take care of yourself!!! Big Hugs!

  20. Your calendar pages are gorgeous, I really like the coloured borders. I'm doing Inktober this year for the first time, but I'm not following the prompts either, they are a bit too abstract for me. I'm just glad if I get the drawing done every day! I love the pieces you did! May I ask what (alcohol) markers you are using? I'm thinking about trying to maybe add colour to sketchbook pages without getting the watercolours out.

    1. Thanks so much. I'm using very cheap alcohol markers, it's called Decotime and I got them in a local shop here. I figured they wouldn't be very good, but I've been pleasantly surprised :-)


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