Friday, 30 December 2016

Overview of my creative year

2016 was a not so productive year creative-wise. Which shouldn't come as a surprise, since we moved into a new house and had a lot of renovation work (which is still not finished). Still trying to figure out a way to get into a daily art-making habit. Maybe in 2017 I'll figure it out ... ;-)

January: most of January I was working on my first very large canvas. I called it "Take me home again", because it reminded me of the colours and the spirit of Australia. It was sold through the gallery.

February: the month of the 29 faces challenge. And I managed to make them all! Tried out a few new things like scribble-faces and weirdo's :-) Here's an overview:

March: in March I had very little time because I had to start packing all our stuff in order to move in April. I did have a market and made quite a few things for that, like this dot-painted mirror.

April: the month of the move, and so little time left for playing :-(  About the only art-like thing that I did was make a wallpaper for my newsletter-subscribers....

May: I started painting a kind of mural in our toilet, and finally played in my artjournal again.

June: getting stuck in the toilet and trying out ideas in my artjournal ....

July: In July I was featured in the "Colour me positive"-challenge, and I could choose a quote for that week. I chose one of my favorite quotes "never regret anything that made you smile", and made this mixed media piece that was given as a prize in the draw two weeks later. It is now in Canada :-)

August: another quiet month artwise. We went on vacation with the family, so that left little time for artmaking. I did work on a new large canvas, and during my holidays I got into drawing lyricsgirls again. Here's one:

September: wanted to do 29 faces but in the end didn't even start. Busy with ongoing projects, like my large canvas, the toilet, some smaller paintings and again more artjournaling:

October: since my other painting was sold, I had to get a new painting into the gallery. I finished my second large canvas and called it "Carry me away". I was fed up with all the terrorist attacks this year and wanted to escape the harsh reality through the colours and figures on my canvas. 

November: I finished two calendars for 2017, an English one and a Dutch one. If you still need a calendar for 2017, please have a look in the sidebar, where you can find the links to both. There's now a sale going on of 20% off through Jan 1st. Just type in the code YEAREND20 at checkout. I have had wonderful comments from the people who bought them already, and I am very happy that they are liked so much :-)

December: I finished the biggest project for this year: the make-over of our toilet. Although I think it might become an ongoing project, since I like to add tiny little bits every now and then ;-) 

Well, that's it for this year! Thanks for following and encouraging me along the way! I do wish all of you a safe trip into the new year, and most of all everything that's written here:

And don't forget:

I'm linking this to Paint Party Friday as always. A big thank you to Eva and Kristin for making it possible for artists to connect on a weekly basis and encourage and inspire each other. Kudos to all of you ♥

And of course I'll be ending this year with some funnies :-)

And on this "positive" note, I'll end this blogyear :-) Take care and I'll see you in the next year! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. This is a fabulous end-of-year post. You summed it up beautifully with your art and then with the funnies. It has been truly wonderful getting to know you better this last year and for all of you inspiration. May you have the best 2017 EVER!!

  2. You sure have had an artful year, even with your quiet, busy and travel months.

    That is a lovely new years greeting.
    Wishing you a wonderful new year, may you find the time you want for your art.

  3. You have moved mountains this year, and been very creative, too. I wish you and everybody a better and peaceful year. Thanks for the funnies, I needed a laugh this morning. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wow!!! that overview , just blew me away. Thanks for all the lovely art in 2016

    Onward to 2017 Be Happy and Creative CHEERS!!!🍸

    much love...

  5. Looks like its been a splendidly creative year for you. May 2017 bring you more of the same wonder and joy!

  6. That's a great overview. The more because I only became one of your followers halfway through the year (since your move). It's great to see what you have done.
    I have bought your calender in English, although I can speak Dutch, nobody else around does. (I live in Spain)
    I hope you have time to continue to do the computer wallpapers in the new year.
    I really enjoy your (sometimes politically uncorrect, hurray) funnies. I often copy them in my blog (and give you a mention, which I hope is good for business for you).
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy (and healthy and creative) New Year,

  7. What a wonderful way to look back through the year! I love the way you've looked at each month - and with such creative paintings sprinkled in! Wishing you all the best for the new year and beyond! :)

  8. You have had a great creative year. Thank you for your lovely art.
    Best wishes for the New Year ♥

  9. I love your bathroom mural - it is incredible. And the last comment about needing a stronger word! that is so true.

  10. Hi denthe. I loved reading your year end post. I was inspired by Connie Solera to write a similar post on my blog today! I think walking into your bathroom must be like walking right into one of your paintings. Your art work is beautiful as always and I appreciate your funnies too. Happy New Year!

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful look back at your year!

  12. Well, looking at your 2016, it has not been a bad one after all. We are still alive, breathing, with our loved ones hopefully by our sides.Let's hope 2017 will be a much better year than 2016.Best wishes...

  13. "getting stuck in the toilet" lol made me laugh

    you did have a nice year of creating even with all the life things getting in the way. getting the bathroom painted like that was a lot of work just itself.

  14. Great recap of the year! You've been a busy little bee! As always, thanks for the funnies! (I can relate to needing a stronger word than fuck! LOL)

  15. haahaa I have to tell you that I started to laugh way back in June, when you said you got stuck in the toilet! I had a visual- sorry ! heehee
    Denise, You have been a saving grace for me this year- I thank you for everything- your art,your quotes,your solidarity and your unending support and faith.
    thank you dear friend and may 2017 be a happy healthy and peaceful year for us all "0 we can at least hope!

    Love to you,Jackie

    ps...I am so with you on those funnies!

  16. The cartoons are hilarious! And this is such a gorgeous look at 2016! Thank you so much for sharing, and Happy New Year! :)

  17. Love your amazing colourful art! That cat and dog cuddling on the sofa had me in stitches! Happy new year.

  18. Oh I think you've had a fantastic creative year by the look of it denthe,
    So many vibrant, colourful pieces of art and I had such a giggle at your jokes!
    I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and all the best for a creative 2017. Thank you for sharing your artwork throughout the year, helping inspire and leaving lovely positive comments on my blog :D
    p.s. I haven't had time this last week to create any artwork, so I thought I'd just visit everyone instead. I'm having such a great time!

  19. Congratulations . . a year of great creativity and originality. I enjoyed the montage. I appreciate all your wonderful comments always a help to me, Thank you. Happy New Year and Many Blessings for the New Year. Janet

  20. Your creations for 2016 are going to be a hard act for you to follow but I'm betting you will even top your success in 2017.

  21. Seems to me you achieved a lot in 2016 :) Moving is always a pain with upheaval and disruption to routines. May 2017 see you settling in and getting back into the flow.

  22. Denthe! I love this post. You accomplished a LOT in 2016 (considering the move & all). Your bathroom wall is amazing! I loved ALL of your funnies & totally understand your frustration. ;) And thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone in my craziness. We're the GOOD kind of crazy though. :) Wishing you a wonderful 2017. Thank you for sharing your art with us! I love everything you do. xx

  23. Happy New Year! It might not seem like a productive year to you but reading all that you have done, including the renovation seems monumental. I always enjoy your work and works and look forward to seeing more.
    ~~ Irene


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