Thursday, 8 December 2016

Makeover of our toilet

Well, I'm still changing some details and adding things every now and then, but I consider our toilet practically finished now. At least, the walls are finished. We will also put a new floor in there, and some other smaller things still need to be done.

I'll show you the progress-pics in this post, but I will warn you: lots and lots of pictures! Ready?

This is how it all started:

You can see here how small it is. It's not very easy to work in a small space like that, and taking pictures is even worse. 

 started out with yellowish - orange-y colours
 adding some greens and blues
and finishing it off with red. All the colours I used in this toilet are used somewhere else in the house, except for the red. 

 adding details with stencils and stamps
 it's a small toilet, but it sure takes some effort before all the walls are covered ...
 adding some text as well (you know me... always have to add quotes everywhere ;-) )
I started out wanting to fill the walls with flowers. But then I started seeing all these faces in the marks, so I thought I might just start with a few....
 and some animals as well...
 not forgetting the flowers :-)
I have been working on and off in this toilet for about 6 months, and in the meantime we got a new toilet, so in the later pictures this image isn't visible as well anymore. Which I kinda regret. 

okay, so far we've had the in progress pictures. Now I'm starting with the images how they are now (and how they will probably remain)

corners are a bit hard, and he's getting the foot of one of the other images in his face. Oh well ...

this is the part above the door

 ventilation still needs to be installed ... 

Well, that's it! Some people probably recoil in horror when seeing this, but I had fun doing this, and if I get tired of it I just take a paintbrush and go over it. Easy as that, right!? 

But for now these creatures can stay :-) This must be the biggest project I've taken on, and in the end I really had enough of it. The middle of the walls is fun to do, but the corners and the low and high parts are really difficult. The toilet is so small you can't put a ladder in there, so in order to reach the higher parts I stood on the toilet lid. And sure enough, just a few weeks after we had a new toilet, it went crack, and I found myself with my feet in the water .... So in case you're thinking of doing something like this: don't stand on the toilet lid!.

I love it when I need to go to the toilet at night. I just take a small flash light, and it is as if I'm sitting in a kind of dark but friendly forest, surrounded by beings that protect me :-)

Okay, that's enough for today! I'll be linking this to Paint Party Friday, just click on the link to see some wonderful creations. I'll be finishing my post, as always, with some funnies:

And last but not least:

Thanks for your visit! Hope your day is going great, and your weekend will be filled with joy.
See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. the colours def make the room less boring and bright :) thanks for the progress pics :)
    (no sink? prob too small for one)

    1. we've thought about putting in a sink, but there's one just outside of the room so it's not really necessary and would make the room even smaller ...

    2. ah ok :) def wouldn't want to make the room smaller. you can get toilets with tiny sinks on the top for smaller rooms, but not sure how common they are outside of Japan and other Asian countries. and they prob are not cheap :/

  2. I just love coming to your blog! Eye candy AND comedy! What more could you ask for??? ♥♥♥♥

  3. Your toilet is a wonderful place to sit ad enjoy - sorry that you went through the lid! Love the funnies, too. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Your toilet is unbelieveble!! Thanks for showing all details and wonders... sitting there would be an exciting journey :)
    Happy weekend to you, too xx

  5. Geweldig gedaan !! Wat een mooie toilet heb je ervan gemaakt....als je je visite lang kwijt bent, dan weet je waar ze zitten LOL. Groetjes,

  6. Such an undertaking! And it is gorgeous. Good for you! I love it and I love the story about fall into the water. I imagine as you sit and admire your work, you will continue to "tweak" it. Happy PPF

  7. Love the toilet!!!! Your funnies are great too ♥ I'm not doing any art this month or last month as far as that goes. To much stuff going on here with the Holidays . Enjoy seeing yours. My new calendar came and I can't wait to start using it :)

  8. this is totally brilliant Denise!!! It's like walking into a magical fantasy land! Great funnies too. Glad I was able to connect a bit and catch up with some of the blog posts as I have been too busy with holiday stuff, time away, and big internet issues yet again:(. Hope to be able to post for next week.

  9. A few faces? YES! And all wonderful. I looks like so much fun! Going down the toilet was a real risk in this venture, glad you could swim! Thanks for the funnies, too.

  10. Zo mooi Denise,het kleinste kamertje,met een groots kunstwerk
    waar je naar blijft kijken,een bezoekje aan jou toilet,is als een feestje!!
    lieve groet

  11. Love the "bathroom"! The first few photos were a bit scary and I imagine if I had seen it at that stage I would have questioned a nice ending. But it all came together so beautifully. Congrats!

  12. Well I have to admit I didn't expect to see that initial photo... but you've certainly created a talking piece for sure.
    The funniest gave me a chuckle too. Thanks for sharing and Happy PPF to you

  13. What a joyful post!! I love it!! I especially love the bird standing on the dogs head...that is so me. I'd probably never come out of there if you know what I Your funnies had me cracking up too!! Great post!! I LOVED it all!! Who cares what others think I never have... you have to live with it! When I did something similar years ago people were so disappointed when we painted it over. They get used to the unique. They loved going in and always had a big smile coming out!! Over and over they'd say they forgot home much they loved it!! I got the best comments on my whimsical bathroom!!
    Enjoy! No one can ever say you aren't interesting!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. Oh wat prachtig! Ik geloof dat ik er uren zou blijven zitten. En'snachts met een zaklantarentje naar de wc en dan genieten, ja, dat is een goed idee. Zou ik ook doen.
    Wat zonde dat je door de wc bril gevallen bent! Ik moest eigenlijk lachen maar het is vast niet leuk geweest. Sorry.
    Nu moet je ook nog een verjaarskalender ontwerpen, die erbij!
    Over kalender gesproken: hij is gisteren aangekomen! Prachtig! Ik heb de engelse versie besteld want mijn man spreekt geen Nederlands. Ik ben er heel blij mee.
    Ik heb weer erg gelachen om de funnies. Waar haal je ze vandaan! Ik ga er weer een paar op mijn blog zetten. Ik zet er wel bij dat ze van jou blog komen, dan krijg je misschien weer een paar 'volgelingen' erbij. (Zo ben ik via Linda Kunsman bij jouw blog terecht gekomen).

  15. Absolutely brilliant toilet!! But you had me LOL about falling in!! heehee I wondered if that would happen!
    Looking forward to what other projects you tackle next!
    Your artwork never ceases to amaze me dear Denise!! xx

    ps...funny funnies!

  16. That does sound like a very hard project!
    I am so glad the toilet did not break while you were standing on it.
    It really looks great and i like your idea of going there at night with a flash light. Fun funnies. Thanks.

  17. Wow the toilet looks good! You could go in there and never come out again! Love the funnies too!

  18. Hello Denthe, I'm new to your blog and wanted to say how beautiful your toilet looks! I love how it's an ongoing kind of project too - very inspirational. Cheerio for now, Sue :D)


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