Sunday, 9 February 2014

29 faces challenge: faces 9 and 10 and an overview!

Almost midnight again ... Had to finish one more face before I could post, but yes, I'm still keeping up :-)

Here's face nr 9: another miniature painting:

It's made on a small canvasboard measuring 10x10 cm (4"x4").

And face nr 10 is a sketch:

And here's an overview of all the faces I did in the first week of the challenge:

Day one:
 Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:
Day 6:
Day 7:
Day 8:

I started making these weekly overviews when I did the Art Every Day Month challenge in November. It's good to remind yourself of all the work you did, I find it motivates me to keep going.

So, since I posted face 10 already, I won't be back tomorrow but on Tuesday with 2 new faces! Thanks so much for visiting, and for those wonderful and uplifting comments. They make my day ♥


  1. i like seeing the week in review!!

  2. Loving your two new faces Denthe and thank you for showing the others, great work as always.
    Annette x

  3. What a great idea to show your progress, I may have to borrow your idea. Your face nr 9 is so attractive with her big blue eyes and contrasting burgandy hair. The aqua background and the book pages in a different language than English is very eye catching, too.

    The quote is so honest and true, but it is so hard when one is beat down.

  4. I love your new faces 9 and 10. Beautifully shaded, and lovely miniature painting!

  5. Oh my goodness, I may need to steal your weekly overview idea! I love it! Nine and ten are beautiful. I love the hair on 10 especially. I need to work on hair. :)

  6. I love the faces from day 8 which you have painted on stones. They look awesome!

  7. I really like your pencil sketches, they have such a delicate simplicity.

  8. Yes, I love the pencil sketches, too they have a haunting aura of innocence.

  9. Gorgeous new faces! Your shading is so clean it seems! Really subtle. It's lovely work :)

  10. it is wonderful seeing all your faces lined up, like a strand of pearls.

    i enjoy the softness of your new sketch, and the quote with the first one makes it powerful.

  11. Nummer 10 is weer zo'n prachtig gezichtje. Wat een mooi resultaat heb je al en de eerste 10 zitten er al op. Leuk om ze zo al bij elkaar te zien. :-)

  12. wow wat een prachtige creaties geb je weer gemaakt, de een nog mooier
    dan de ander!
    Groetjes karin

  13. Love all of them!!!!! I need to post my last 3 faces yet.... been under the weather the past few days and just not up to messing with the computer much.

  14. You have such a great command of faces and eyes, it's a pleasure to watch your month come along. xox

  15. Wow! love how you have showed us week one faces, and i honestly cannot pick a favourite because they are all so good and getting better - love faces 9 & 10 too!

  16. It's so good to see the week in review as it really puts into perspective how much you've actually done. I love them all but the one worth the photoshopped background is still my favourite.

  17. I love them all too. The eyes are beautiful.

  18. I am such a fan, you change, evolve, encompass so many things in so many ways and all these faces are a great example of your wonderful talent and how you can apply it in so many ways!

  19. I love your pencil sketches, but also the painted colored faces.
    They have always a single individualtiy and a different view.
    Wonderful, I like it!


  20. These are so awesome! I love the quote in your first photo, about knowing your own worth... very on point for me! Have fun with 29 Faces! ;))


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