Wednesday, 19 February 2014

29 faces challenge: faces 19 and 20

I can't believe after this it's only 9 more faces to go and then February is OVER!! So much for hoping that 2014 would go a bit slower than 2013 ....

But at least I finished 2 faces :-)

The first one is a drawing in graphite, coloured pencil and marker, scanned in with the background added in Photoshop:

And the second one is a collage. Oh, I had so much fun putting this together. My dear hubby has bought me a new colourprinter, and I'm in heaven since. I have so many ideas floating around in my brain that I hardly know which one to try out first.

I've loved the look of collage since I discovered Teesha Moore years ago. But I hate using pictures from magazines. Firstly because I don't feel as if it's "mine", second because there's always copyright issues, and third because they crinkle when you use paint on them. And I really don't like that look. Unless it's intended ...

But now with my new colourprinter I can just use my own art. This is what I made:

I used this face:
This hair:
This body:
And this - ehhh - animal....

The eyes are from a bunch of eyes that I painted specifically for use in collages. But I made them all way too big. So now I scanned them in, made them a lot smaller and printed them out. Done! I LOVE it when I can re-use things and make something completely new out of it :-)

And, oh yes, the cat is just a stamp. First time I've used it, and I really like it.

Well, that's it for now! Thanks so much for visiting, I'll hop over to Ayala's blog now to visit some more links.

Hope you're having a nice day! See you again on Friday ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Wow! What a great way to make a new piece of art from lots of previous pieces. I'm sure you will create many more with your new found inspiration.

  2. So clever the way you used your existing art to make a brand new piece. :) The first girl is gorgeous. In both cases, Iove the hair! :)

  3. beautiful!! great idea to repurpose your own artwork!!

  4. The digital collage you made is so clever, wonderfully inventive ( especially the strange little animal :) )

    1. oh, but it's not digital! I made this in my artjournal. I don't think I would enjoy it so much if I had to do it on my computer ... :-)

  5. Love both of these. Especially the collage.I think it is so much better using your own images for all the reasons you mentioned

  6. That girl on the orange is just gorgeous and I so love your writing style! Fantastic job on the collage, so dreamy and all the parts together are so cool! (I don't like using other folks' pictures either!) Your hair is always fantastic. I should practice hair. :)

  7. I love all your beautiful hair styles, especially the first one!

  8. that collage piece you made from your art is amazing, wow, what a great idea.
    the top piece is a joy to see as well.

  9. I like your way to paint, it´s so creativ, a lot of different techniques combinated with your own way of painting and drawing.
    And these colors and your
    It´s always a great joy to read on your blog. Thanks!


  10. OMG!!!!! I love it!!!!! What a fantastic idea and you put it all together so well ♥ Love the other pieces too.. Now I really need to catch's been a crazy week here.

  11. collage is fun to do and yours turned out wonderful. I take photos of my backgrounds that i paint, then use them in photoshop, but actually gluing down paper into a journal and then painting over it is very fun indeed. thanks for sharing your amazing art


  12. Me encantan las fotografías, son geniales. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  13. your art and collage are always amazing, I love this one

  14. Great faces, and so varied. Fabulous!

  15. Loving all your faces all so fab and different.


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