Wednesday, 26 February 2014

29 faces challenge: faces 26 and 27!

Only 2 more to go! And I feel the same as I always do with this challenge: sad to see it end, but also relieved and looking forward to next week as "vacation"... Isn't it weird? I really enjoy it and I'm always happy with all the work I got done, but it really does take a lot of time to create every single day. Well, in fact, it's not really the creating that takes time, because I do that every day anyway, but it's because I want to show finished faces and no works in progress. It's only then that I see it as a challenge...

I've been having fun experimenting with textures in Photoshop. I'm intrigued by all the faces Joyce has been doing, where she shows the before and after pics of her faces. I am still just figuring it all out, most of the time I don't know what I'm doing. But today I got a bit further than last time. I tried different versions of my face, and I can't decide which one I like best. So I'm posting both of them :-)

It's a drawing made in my journal with coloured pencils and markers, scanned in and with textures and background added in Photoshop. I wanted to "roughen" it up a bit because I felt that was fitting to the quote....

 This is the second version:

Now I'm curious: which one do you like best?

That was face nr 26, and face nr 27 is again a painted rock. But it was already too dark to take a good picture. I'm posting it anyway, but tomorrow I'll take some new pics and post the correct one in my overview on Friday.

And now I can see I even forgot the highlights in her eyes. Definitely one I have to do again ...

Well, that's it for now. Thanks so much for visiting, and I really love reading your comments. Thanks for taking the time ♥

I'll be back on Friday with the last two faces. Woohoo!


  1. It's so difficult to choose but I have gone with the pink one. Photoshop is something I have not tried although I see a lot of people using it. It looks like fun. I love your rock too. Thanks for your visit and your comments on my WOYWW.

  2. Ik weet precies hoe het voelt :-) Mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar de eerste omdat er wat meer kleur inzit en je steen is weer leuk, maar inderdaad nog een pretlichtje in het oog zetten! Ik moet nog 3 portretten, dus ben redelijk bij. Groetjes!! xxx Marianne

  3. Both look fantastic, Denise. But, I think my favourite is the grey. I think it suits the quote and makes her face really stand out xx

  4. Oh no......decisions decisions...........sorry cannot make up my mind as I love them both.....and the fab painted stone. Annette x

  5. For me the hardest part of the challenge is to get organized to post every day or every other day. I guess that dealing with computers also when I am not at work unnerves me a bit ;). Creating and sharing, though, is so enjoyable that it more than compensate for that!
    As for your beautiful faces....It's true that the grey background brings her face out, yet I don't mind the pink either...ok, I am not helping, sorry. As others have said, they are both really good! Love the face on stone, as well...looks like a mermaid left an impression on a deep sea rock. ;)

  6. The combination of the black and white with the coloured face is outstanding, it has great impact. Of the two I think the pink background brings the painting to life and gives it a glow. It' strange, but the effect of the change of colour in the background turns the lady into a different person - always so interesting the effects changes of colour have. I love to see experiments and investigation like yours. It is what maintains our interest in our work as artists. And of course the lady of the sea in your pebble painting is gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous pieces, Denise.Love your art!

  8. oh both are so great, I love her look and the writing on her shirt

  9. Your painted rocks are amazing, your hand's so steady!

    At this time of the year I yearn for colors, that's why I prefer the top version.

  10. I prefer the top one, too, but I think both would have their place depending on the interior they were placed in. Can't wait to see your round up. Tooth is fixed by the way. I'll be back on board tomorrow.

  11. Both versions are gorgeous, but my favorite is the grey one.
    The drawing, the words, the color .... it complements quite wonderful.


  12. Hello magical and beautiful...she is wildly gorgeous with all that hair...I love both versions..especially the pink backdrop...powerful quote...awesome! and your dazzling spiritual and enchanting presence...feels like a good luck charm!

  13. Wow Denise - you did it! both those textures look great, i think i like the pink one a little more, but its very difficult to decide! those textures just add that "llittle" bit to your art and i feel bring it all together. And the rock is awesome - what a great face on that one. thanks for mentioning me in your post!!! i only have one face to go and have also really enjoyed this challenge.

  14. They are all so fun! I also like the pink background a bit beret.. and love the Rick least!!
    I look forward to admiring your other pieces, when I have more time!


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