Monday, 18 March 2013

Lyricsgirl, oneliner and a surprise from England ....

Well, thanks so much for all your comments on my previous posts. It looks like there are quite a few people interested in promoting each other's Etsyshops! Way to go!

There's a small change of plans though. I'd wanted to do the promo-month in April, but I'd forgotten it's Easter-holidays then, and we might go away for a couple of days. Which means I would have to close my Etsyshop for that time, which means it's not much use doing any promotion .... And I might not be the only one in this position ...

But no worries. We either postpone it until the month of May, or we do it from the middle of April till the middle of May. Whichever you prefer. Just let me know in the comments. It gives me a bit more time to figure out how to put separate pages on my blog and how to make a Mr Linky. Also, some of you have indicated that you might be interested but your Etsyshop is not active right now. So it gives everybody a chance to get their shops looking the best possible, ready for all the new visitors :-)

I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, I've been doing some painting, but nothing finished yet. So I also made a new lyricsgirl.

 Lyrics from Neil Young, background in panpastels.

And also a new oneliner ....

I love that quote! So true!

And today I also got a really nice surprise from England. Ziggy Shortcrust, a very talented artist, whom I virtually "met" during one of the 29 faces challenges, has set herself the challenge of reviving the lost art of the handwritten letter. She is doing this by writing a letter a day, but not just words, the letters will be illustrated with one of her famous Ziggy Elves. She sends these all over the world, to everyone who signs up on her blog to receive a letter!

So naturally, I signed up! And look what I found in the mail today!

Isn't it gorgeous to receive a letter like that!?

And there was another beautiful drawing inside the envelope. And a REAL letter ....

There are some exquisite details in there, that you can't even see in the pictures. She must use an extremely fine pointed marker.

I am so happy with those wonderful drawings that came halfway across the world. I think it's a wonderful idea. When I was a teenager I had penpals all over the world, and whenever a letter with a foreign stamp arrived I got all excited. It is a shame that real letters are seldom written anymore.

So thank you Ziggy, for doing this and making me remember my long-ago favorite pastime!
If you want your own elf, hurry over to her blog, I'm not sure how many more days she has "free". You can sign up for her challenge here.

Well, that's it for now. I'll be back on Wednesday with a new inspiring artist post.
Thanks so much for stopping by! ♥


  1. Beautiful!! I love them both! They look great! Lovely present from England and a lovely idea, if I had time hahaha. I emailed you about the digi's. Have a nice evening.

  2. Wow schitterende creaties zijn het weer en de quote is perfect! En leuk zon kadootje uit engeland!

  3. Hooray, she arrived safely. That's the thing about letters; once in the letterbox it's journey lies in someone else's hands.

  4. I love the top girl. She looks great I really like that style. How lucky are you getting a gorgeous letter like that:) Manonx

  5. I love your sketches! How lucky to get such cool mail from England! I'm heading over to sign up for a letter too!

  6. Beautiful art pieces! Ziggy's letters are wonderful aren't they! I received one too. If we had a choice i would like to run the Etsy promotion in May as i might have some items in my shop by then, but don't do this just for me

  7. Loving both your girls - but particularly your one-liner. I am just in awe of how you make those so beautifully. Hmmm - I was going to close my etsy shop, but I will go and read your prior post and maybe reconsider. Love the mail art you received. It's truly special. xo

  8. I did the lettermo in February - writing a letter daily to primarily random people who were also writing a letter a day. It was awesome. I made my own envelopes and cards and I want to get back to it. I found it was quite relaxing!

    This is my first visit here (I'm from creative everyday) and I really love your lyricsgirl art. Gorgeous! Love the facial expressions and colors.

    I hope to "see" more of you!

  9. Wonderful girls, just like Jessica I am in awe of your girls, they look so effortless. Love the sound of the mail art going there next.

  10. Wonderful work, love these ladies! :)
    Mail-Art... What fun. Thank you for sharing. Such an inspiring post!! ~xx

  11. More gorgeous art Denise... your girls are beautiful... I am easy with whatever start date you choose with the Etsy promotion... and I love what you received in the mail... so gorgeous... I used to have penpals from around the world also... I loved exchanging letters with them...

    Jenny ♥

  12. Great post Denise, I love the quotes you put on your girls! How nice to receive a handwritten letter and what a wonderful idea to illustrate the envolope, makes it that much more special :)


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