Monday, 25 March 2013

Burst of colour

Thanks so much to all of you who visited me in the last few days and left your wonderful and heartwarming comments. I really appreciate it!

I guess by now you all know that I LOVE colour. And the other day, when I was driving home, there was a car in front of me that had a bumpersticker in black, with coloured dots around it. It immediately drew my attention, because the black made the colours really pop, and when I got home I decided to make a journalpage with brightly coloured dots on black.

Really fun to make, I love "dotting" and it always amazes me the fun results you can get with it. I worked on it in between other things, because the dots needed to dry, and when I was satisfied I wrote a quote in the center. Here it is:

Whenever I see the page in my journal, it lifts my spirit, because the colours are so bright and happy. So funny where one can sometimes find inspiration, isn't it .....

I also finished another miniature-painting (10x10cm - 4x4 inches):

And Jessie Lilac is having a double giveaway on her blog. If you want to win hop on over to her blog and follow the instructions. Here's one of her works that you can win: an original watercolour painting called "peace":

Wouldn't it be great to win this? Such a wonderful peaceful atmosphere .....

And now I have a question that maybe one of you can answer: Google Reader is supposed to end at the first of July. Does that mean that all of you who subscribed to my RSS-feed will be thrown out? Is Google-reader the same as RSS-feed? And is that the same as the people who show up in my feed? It's not the same as the followers, is it? Because the blogs that I follow also show up in my reader. But the blogs that I follow through RSS too ..... Aaarghh, this technology is freaking me out sometimes. I hate it that they keep changing things, usually just when I've mastered something .... If someone knows what exactly is going to change, what the consequences are and what I can do to not lose all of my followers, please share .... ! I'll be forever thankful :-)

Well, it's bedtime again for me! I'll be back on Wednesday with another inspiring artist post. Thanks so much for being here, hope to see you then! ♥


  1. I don't know about RSS and following (would love someone to explain...) but I switched all the blogs on my Google reader over to feedly, it works a lot like reader and it imported my blogs from reader very easily. It also put a little icon on my toolbar. I'm happy with it so far.

  2. I love your question about google, because I don't have a clue what is going on either-I don't understand it either. I love your journal page-very Klimt!

  3. Type ik net een heel verhaal; lig ik van internet en weg blogreactie :-(
    Ik wilde even zeggen dat ik ook geen verstand heb van die google volger problemen. Heb er wel al meer over gelezen, maar snap het nog steeds niet. Brengt google help geen raad? (Is te moeilijk engels voor mij, maar voor jou geen probleem denk ik )
    Je minitje is weer prachtig maar je art journal is geniaal. Wat een prachtig effekt op zwart papier!!
    xxx Marianne

  4. Schitterende journal page, mooi dat zwart met die felle kleurtjes, prachtig!

  5. WOW!!Your painting is wonderful, i love the Colors,and the eyes is beautiful!!!

  6. You certainly have a way with colour! LOVE your journal page, so bright and beautiful! :0)

    I'm hopeless when it comes to technology I don't understand what the changes mean either! :0(

  7. I love your journal page-you're right about how effective the colour is against the black. What a fantastic quote on your gorgeous mini art-love it.

  8. Like the coloured dots, very effective. I am a big fan of black outline and popping colours!!!

  9. Love your page and have absolutely no clue what it all means with google. I figure if I lose all the blogs I follow I just may actually have time to art :) But I'd CRY!

  10. I don't understand ANY of the Google Reader tech stuff! I LOVE your colorful dots on black, LOVE. Perfect quote with your art, too. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. You made my day. K

  11. LOve your painting with the beautiful facial expression!Also the colorful dots are awesome!

  12. Hi Denthe, Thanks for the mention! :)I shall do the draw in a day or so.
    I don't know about Google readers and RSS feeds, I only hope I'll be able to read my favourite blogs after that date!xx

  13. I love love love the dotted journal page! Most people are importing the blogs they read to a new reader, like Feedly. As long as they do that they will still follow your blog. Rss feeds can be sent to any feed reader.


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