Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Artists that inspire me: Zurab Martiashvili

It's been a while, but I'm finally starting my "inspiring artists-posts" again. I don't really want to show work of someone that hasn't given me written permission, and at the end of last year, I guess all artists were too busy to answer mails.

Today's artist, Zurab Martiashvili, was born in Georgia, but is currently living and working in Ukraine.

His painting style is called "decorative primitivism"

I got this information from this website, because his Facebookpage and blog are in ......  I don't even know which language. Something Eastern European I guess, so I can't read it .... So I hope the information that I give is correct ☺

Bright colors and fluid lines. Mmmm, always my favorite ....

Love the playfulness and the fantasy element in his paintings.

I came across this website where he got featured and they did an interview with him.

One of the question they asked him was if he had any advice for other artists, and this was his answer:

"Dont  believe art  critics. Will you ask critics  if something  is really good or will you listen to yourself about what you like or not? Because none of  art  critics  can see the   universe  with your eyes and will not feel like  your soul feels. So you are the biggest art  critic  by  yourself. And what you like is the best and beautiful for you and it is not important what the others will say about."

Oh, I so agree with this! It took me a long time to gain some self-confidence in painting. Because I don't have a formal art-degree, I always felt somehow less than "real" artists. If I wanted to enter a competition, the first question was always which art school I went to. And I could tell some of the jurors on those shows really look down on people who have taught themselves to paint. Once I was really discouraged because I had entered some of my paintings to a show where I really thought I stood a chance, and not one of my paintings was admitted. So I called them and asked for an explanation. Turned out my art was not "real art", my art was "too decorative". Huh!? Who are they to decide what is "real" art and what isn't?

At that moment I came to the conclusion that Zurab mentions above: you can only be your own critic. If you start painting like you think you should just to please others, it's no good. If you paint with your heart and soul, it shows, and there will be people who like it. And if they don't: who cares!? I feel a lot freer now, I follow my heart and my intuition, and it's a lot more fun than trying to live up to other's expectations.

Anyway, this post isn't about me, but about Zurab. If you want to see more of Zurab's work, this is his blog/website, and his Facebookpage. Have a look, lots more to see there!

I didn't get to do much art lately, the kids just started school again and we were busy doing all kinds of last minute things. But on Friday I will be back, for the Paint Party but also for my first post for the 29 faces challenge! Yes, it's starting again, and how can I not participate, it being the 1st anniversary of this challenge. Ayala Art even made a whole new blog for this! You can find it here. Maybe join in too? It's great fun!

Thanks for visiting, and I'll "see" you again on Friday! ♥


  1. I am so happy Denise that your Inspiring Artists posts are happening again... and oh my gosh... adore the work of Zurab... such a fun and whimsical feel... and couldn't agree more with both Zurab and yourself... we are our own biggest art critics... good on you... 29 faces again... awesome...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Prachtig werk! Lekker kleurrijk en de giraffe is wel mijn favoriet!
    Dank je Denthe voor je oplossingen van mijn Spam probleem. Ik ga er van de week eens voor zitten om te kijken welke manier voor mij het beste is. Ik had ook al berichtjes handmatig verwijderd elke keer, maar eigenlijk wil ik niet te veel tijd hieraan kwijt zijn, dus misschien is "moderating" van te voren het beste.
    Een hele fijne en creatieve dag!

  3. I love your work it is so unique and creative.....looking forward to the 29 faces challenge....Cathy

  4. He's a great artist, love the painting with the black cat, its my favourite. Thanks for starting these posts again, i look forward to seeing them

  5. I love the whimsy of this artist!! A true artist makes art....period. Personally I don't like the so called "Real Art" as much as folk art, unique imaginative art...if I want something to look real I can take a photo of the moment. You are an amazing artist...How dare they pigeon hole you into their category!!! You have a unique interesting eyes sing when they see your work. I'd rather have a piece of your art than an expensive realistic oil!! But that's just me...and what makes my heart sing!! Color, Color, color, crazy shapes and cool characters and things I've NEVER seen before! I am always on the hunt for unique things!! It's NEVER boring!!

    Keep creating you Fabulous Artist You!!!

    Hugs Giggles


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