Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Artists that inspire me: Abdalieva Akzhan

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for commenting on my previous post. I felt frustrated on Sunday and needed to write it down to get it off my chest. And then opening my mailbox the day after and finding all those heartwarming comments, ... it really lifted my spirits. It was exactly what I needed to get myself up and going again. So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so happy that you are all out there cheering me on.

Despite saying that I wasn't going to do another inspiring artist post until January, I can't help myself. I love sharing these artists with you. This particular artist was again very hard to contact. No website, no blog, no shop. I found a Facebookpage but it turned out to be from a fan and not from her.

Abdalieva Akzhan is a young artist from Kazachstan. Well, actually, it's hard to know how old she is, but she looks really young.

In the end I did find her website, but it hadn't been updated since 2011, and there's no recent information about her. At least I didn't find it.

I discovered her art not so long ago, and am absolutely totally madly in love with her work.

It's a bit of a mixture between cubism, whimsical and Klimt.

Her ladies all seem to have something to secretly smile about.

I love the many details in the background, the swirls, the colours...

the sheep ....

Isn't it gorgeous?

The more I look at these works the more I see.

I really hope to find more new work from her in the future.

And on Monday I received again some happy mail! I really am getting spoiled lately ;-) A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Jessica Sporn. A beautiful uplifting original watercolour and pen mixed media work. Here it is:
Isn't it beautiful? All those little details. I have so many gorgeous new things to hang on my walls now ☺

These Moo-cards were also in the envelope:
I might just have to get them myself from Moo. They are sooo cute.

And today I finally finally started working on my canvases again. Aaahh, that felt so good! How I missed it! It's really weird, I love painting but when I haven't done it for a while I'm always reluctant to start again. It's as if I have to learn how to do it all over again. But I forced myself and it didn't take long to completely get into the flow again. Before I knew it two hours had passed and I had to get the kids from school. I hope I'll find time again tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek already ....

A bird of course. What else ... ☺

More of this on Friday for the Paint Party. Thanks so much for visiting! ♥


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Abdelevia's work. It is just stunning. I love those long necked women and her backgrounds are as amazing as her ladies. Your new canvas is very intriguing -- looking forward to seeing how it evolves. And I'm so happy you like the butterfly! (I can't believe a piece of my art is in Australia. Isn't life amazing?) And the moo cards! They are fun, aren't they? Judy Shea turned me on to them. xo

  2. Abdalieva's werk is prachtig. Moest even wennen aan haar figuren, maar hoe meer ik naar beneden scrolde, hoe mooier ik het vond. Leuk dat je deze schilderijen even hebt laten zien. Ook je vlinder is erg mooi net als de Moo kaartjes. En je eigen schilderij is nog lekker mysterieus, maar erg veelbelovend!!
    Lieve groetjes,

  3. Het werk werd steeds mooier vond ik ook. Gaaf dat je steeds ander werk aan ons laat zien Denise. Je zit soms zo vast in een bepaald hoekje.
    Jouw schilderij doet me altijd genieten. Jouw srijl is zo iniek. Prachtig.
    lieve groetjes Marja

  4. I can tell the artist really appreciates Gustav Klimt's art, she has borrowed his ideas. He is one of my favourites!

    Guess what? On the weekend I discovered an artist's blog, website and book. As soon as I glanced at her art, I thought to myself, " Denthe would love this art!". As I scrolled through her site, guess whose art I found? Your art!!! Flora Bowley is the artist. I can see her influence in your art. I am thinking of participating in her on-line course in January. Would you recommend the course?

    1. Hey, that's funny! You know me well ☺ Yes, the first time I saw Flora's work I was blown away by it, I loved it so much. I remember looking at it from all angles and wondering how she got that depth in there, so I was over the moon when I saw last year that she was doing her first e-course starting in February. I immediately signed up for it, and I must say it is the best workshop I've ever done. I have learned so much and it has changed my way of painting completely. So to answer your question: yes yes yes! It's totally worth it! Go for it!

    2. Thanks, Denthe , I think I will!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Denthe,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog, and a very merry xmas to you and yours!
    Love the artist you have featured, her faces are amzing arent they?


  6. OH! I can definitely see why you would want to feature her! Absolutely beautiful work - full of life and love and color and bold images - love her faces too.
    AND yesss, get to Moo - you will LOVE them :) xoxo

  7. That art is gorgeous - the color, the detail, the faces. I can see why you were blown away. I have to say that I am blown away by your art. I think it's given me a desire to change directions in my painting. We will see where that goes.

  8. Amazing artwork from Abdelevia! Though Klimt's influence can be seen, I think she has a style of her own.The chubby figures seem full of so many emotions. Love the flying figure and the sheep...yes best of all the cat ad the sheep...thank you for sharing!
    I love how the images develop in your art. Great work!

  9. Another gorgeous artist Denthe... her work is amazing... and lovely treasures that you won...

    Jenny ♥


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