Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Now that my Etsy-shop is open, I have the feeling I can relax ....  Which is not true of course. Now I need to promote my shop, because how else are people going to find me among the approx. million of sellers on there?

So I've been trying to figure out how it works with teams and followers (the new word for circles...) and admirers and favorites and treasuries etc .... A whole new world opens up for me and it's very interesting. I'm discovering all kinds of wonderful shops. It's nice to be a part of it.

Meanwhile I've also been playing. Finally finished another doodle, which I'm linking to Creative Every Day, where the theme of the month is black & white.

And I finished another miniature-painting:

I add new items to my Etsyshop almost every day, so go have a look if you haven't already ☺

Thanks so much for visiting, and thanks to all of you who have commented on my previous posts.  I'll be back on Wednesday with another inspiring artist post. Hope to see you then! ♥


  1. Je doodle is prachtig, Denise!! Wat een mooi gezichtje heeft dit meisje en een prachtig lichaam!! Hele mooie details en zo veel op te zien!
    Leuk miniatuurtje!!
    PS Ik ben even genezen van gezichtjes maar ben digi's aan het tekenen in eerste instantie voor mezelf, maar misschien ga ik ze ook wel te koop zetten. Je weet maar nooit ;-)

  2. Your doodled drawing is absolutely fabulous Denise... love how interesting it is... and sweet miniature painting too....

    Jenny ♥

  3. Beautiful works. Congratulations and big well done on your Etsy shop and good luck.

  4. Really lovely work! Thank you for yr visit! I will blog about your art and your new etsy store. I will tweet it too! I will also share it on my face book page! I just have to wait until my baby sleeps and then I will help you out. I will also add your store to my etsy. I only have etsy to fave things I like. I use to sell my art there too. It was fun! Talk soon! I will let you know when I do a feature blog for you. :) talk soon!

  5. wow dat kleine schilderijtje met die gave quote erop is schitterend!

  6. Love, Love, Love the doodle♥♥♥ Great shop you have set up and wishing you best of luck with the sales ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. *\o/* <-- cheering for you. :)
    We´ll get word about your new shop around. :)

  8. Hello! :D I featured you here http://cozydoodle.blogspot.ca/2013/03/featuring-denthe.html

  9. Very beautiful work, love your talents! :]

  10. I love how you section your doodles. :) It's just fantastic to look at.

  11. the doodle drawing is so so lovely!

  12. Your zentangle is incredible! Love it!


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